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1 Year Warranty

ICASA Approved

Portable Data Terminals


The DATALOGIC MEMOR BATCH PDT is small and slim, with excellent ergonomics for single-handed use, and a real innovation on the market. It’s ideal for various applications including inventory, shelf replenishment, price management, order entry and assisted sales.


  1. Innovative features

    The Memor features an industrial standard OS for simpler application development and porting, a mature and stable architecture and a large memory on board to store applications and data. It also has an integrated WLAN or WPAN to allow immediate access to any infrastructure all in an extremely compact package.

  2. Robust

    The Datalogic Memor™ is provided with rugged construction to survive unintentional drops (1.2 m drop resistance) and exposure to water and dust.

  3. Colour display

    The colour TFT QVGA display with touch screen and phone-like numeric keypad satisfy all mobile application needs.

  4. Ready-to-use?

    The Datalogic Memo is supplied with a power supply and mini USB cable. A full set of software tools are readily available on-board: Terminal Emulation (TCL), DL Application Manager and Locked Web Browser.


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