ITW D321 Textile Resin is designed for the most demanding applications, and specially formulated for use on a wide range of care labels. It provides excellent resistance to dry cleaning, home washing, industrial washing and ironing. This speciality resin has superb performance characteristics, and produces high definition, high density bar codes and images.


  1. Wide range of applications

    D321 is recommended for use in warehouse, healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, metals, lumber and industrial applications.

  2. Very high durability

    D321 is abrasion and scratch resistant, and also boasts chemical resistance to hazardous chemicals and common agents.

  3. Printhead protection

    Features anti-static PrintheadSaver coating for printhead protection.

  4. Properties

    Carrier – 4.5μm Polyester film. Thickness – 7.4 μm. Colour – Black. Ink melting point – 100 C. Optical density (transmission) – > 0.85. Optical density (reflective) – > 1.90.

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