Rely on Wavelink’s industry-standard emulation software for solid reliability to keep workers on task longer. Wavelink Emulators are designed for IBM 3270, 5250, VT100/110/220/330, and HP systems, and expand the capabilities of Windows-based mobile devices to meet the needs of multiple types of mainframe environments.


  1. Mirror TN5250 Terminal Emulator

    Allows quick adaptation of host console output to CipherLab mobile computer screens without redesigning applications. Developers save time and effort using screen captures, pull-down menus, and an intuitive interface.

  2. Mirror VT100/VT220 Terminal Emulator

    Allows you to quickly adapt host console output to any CipherLab mobile computer screens without redesigning your applications, saving time and development effort.


    Integrate with Wavelink Avalanche

    Tightly integrate with Wavelink Avalanche to remotely configure, update and manage terminals.

  4. Support legacy systems during migration

    Using a CipherLab terminal, support legacy systems with Wavelink Emulators while migrating to Windows-based business environments.

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