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The CipherLabRK25UHFRFID reader provides an add-on RFID solution by simply adding the CipherLab RK25 mobile computer to it. This is a compact and cost-effective means of enhancing the investment on an existing RK25 mobile device by adding mobile RFID read/write capability. It’s an easy way to bring productivity and efficiency to inventory management tasks with just a snap.


  1. Flexible RFID functionality

    When RFID features are needed, the RK25 mobile computer can simply be slid and snapped onto the RK25 UHF RFID reader. Users can enjoy stable and secure data collection and software upgradeability from the host device due to a direct electrical 8-pin connection. Switching between RFID reading and bar code scanning can be done on demand, and the Triggerless function allows continuous RFID reading with only one click to start or end a task.

  2. Best-in-class UHF RFID reading & performance

    The RK25 UHF RFID reader delivers best-in-class RFID reading sensitivity and performance. It complies with EPC Global Gen2 v2 standards to satisfy high security and privacy requirements, ideal for applications such as retail and healthcare. High speed ability means it can read over 700 tags per second at a range of over 8 metres.

  3. Rugged, ergonomic design

    Matching the RK25 computer’s rugged design ethic, the RK25 UHF RFID reader affords worry-free operation. Its IP54 ruggedized design prevents dust and water infiltration and passes a 1.2m drop resistance test. To ensure reliability and durability, the trigger has passed a life test of 2.5 million press actions.

  4. Software support, EZConfig & EZEdit apps

    Extensive software support is available, including RFID Android Software Development Kit, while useful apps include EZConfig and EZEdit. EZConfig provides a convenient console for all settings on the RK25 UHF RFID reader. Settings can be easily customized for individual needs, allowing users to change UHF RFID parameters through Scan Settings. EZEdit allows users to easily utilize Read, Write, Lock and Inventory functions, among others.

  5. Further useful features

    Comprehensive Mode adds the ability to read multiple types of tags displayed in various directions with high accuracy and no duplication. Tag Locating allows the reader to identify the location of specified tags when a specific item is missing. The battery of the RK25 mobile computer can power the RFID reader when the reader’s battery becomes drained.

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