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Portable Data Terminals


Designed for the demanding needs of field mobility, transportation and warehousing, the CIPHERLAB CP50 mobile computer is compactly built with a generous 2 GB memory for flexible data storage. It is also well-equipped with multiple wireless communications including 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth®, and 3.8G HSPA+.


  1. The Perfect Companion in the Field

    Designed especially for applications in field mobility, transportation and logistics, and warehousing, the CP50 series survives multiple 1.5 m (5 ft.) drops onto concrete and is rated with IP65 standards, ensuring that neither droplets, dust, or water keep this device from performing its best.

  2. High Capacity Memory

    Featuring a large 2 GB memory capacity, your mobile workforce can store data regardless of whether any wireless connection is available, letting them get more work done in the field and upload saved data once in wireless coverage.

  3. Reliable Wireless Communications for

    The CP50 enables better management of your mobile workforce. Its flexible wireless communication options keep your field workers connected at all times.

  4. Versatile Data Capture and Entry

    Laser and 2D options ensure accurate data capture, enabling workers to complete assigned tasks more quickly and efficiently. With optional RFID, the CipherLab CP50 is ready to assist your business in keeping up with the dynamic demands in transportation, logistics, and warehousing applications.

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