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1 Year Warranty

ICASA Approved

Portable Data Terminals


CIPHERLAB 9700 Series mobile computers perform with versatility and functionality, while maintaining industrial ruggedness.


  1. Data collection

    Fully protected with IP65 standards, the 9700 series’ multiple reader options of laser, 2D imager, extended range laser and near/far 2D imager give users a wide range of data collection options.

  2. User friendly

    Its 3 keypad options deliver user friendly usage at all times, In particular, the 53 alphanumeric key serves as an alternative for terminal emulation.

  3. Instant data transmission

    Instant data transmission is made possible with CCXv4 certified IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and Push-to-talk features voice transmission which pushes productivity even higher in WLAN environments.

  4. Windows operation, simple operation

    Operates on Windows platform and TI OMAP 1GHz CPU which enables fast and easy application development. Additionally, essential accessories such as pistol grip, and software support makes operation simple with this handheld terminal.

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