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The Eagle Eye Series AI-6821 is a wireless light-industry grade 2D imager / scanner based on the outstanding reading performance of the Argox CMOS imager scan engine. With enhanced reading capability of 4mm labels, it has a user-friendly data collection mode and superb wireless data transmission. It is suitable for warehouse, inventory, logistics and factory applications, and more.


  1. Outstanding scanning performance.

    Based on the outstanding reading performance of the Argox CMOS imager scan engine, the Argox AI-6821 has enhanced reading capabilities for 4mm component and jewellery labels. It is recognized for its snappy scanning and rigid structure in light industry applications.

  2. User-friendly data collection

    The Argox AI-6821 has 7kb storage built in: when scanning out of receiving range, it can store data then batch transmit when the connection is back on. It can decode a wide variety of 1D and 2D symbologies.

  3. Superb wireless data transmission

    The AI-6821 has an in-built Class-1 Bluetooth module and can transmit data up to 100m. Its non-stop services over an entire shift make it especially useful for warehouse and factory operations, and with built-in vibrator and good read and receiving acknowledge indicator, it is also perfect for inventory.

  4. Built for harsh conditions

    The imager’s 1P65 design allows it to withstand multiple 1.8 meter drops to concrete. With no moving interior parts, it can outperform laser scanners in tough environments such as factories and warehouses.

  5. Data editing and format

    The Argox AI-6821 comes with a powerful DataMagic editing tool, allowing it to transmit scanned and edited data to preset rules for specific database formats. Simple settings on-screen via a user-friendly interface allow for easy downloading to the imager, for substantial time and effort saving.

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