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Deliberately created for the challenging requirements of the warehousing, distribution centre and manufacturing industries, the CipherLab 9700 series features excellent functionality and ruggedness for applications within four-wall environments.


  1. Multiple reader options
    Fully protected with IP65 standards, the 9700 series’ multiple reader options give users a wide range of data collection options. The scanning options include laser, 2D imager, extended range laser and near/far 2D imager. The extended range laser extends the bar code reading range to 45 ft / 9.1 m (100 mil retro-reflective).
  2. Industrial ruggedness
    Ruggedness is guaranteed with an IP65 rating seal that is capable of withstanding exposure to dust, dirt and water splashes. It can also resist multiple drops from 1.8 m onto concrete and endure 1000 tumbles at 0.5 m, which promises protection from accidental drops or other unexpected damage.
  3. Flexible wireless communication
    The 9700 series offers instant and safe data transmission with its wireless communication options. Its IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n with CCXv4 certified keeps backend systems updated simultaneously granting users the ability to allow real-time network and access critical information.
  4. 3 Keypad options

    The 9700 series’ flexible design offers 3 different keypads that allow the 9700 series to utilize its options depending on users’ situations. The 9700 series comes equipped with both 30 and 38 numeric keypads with 4 and 10 function keys for user application needs.

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