Argox AS-9500 Series

2D bar code imagers

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The Argox AS9500 Series is a range of lightweight, durable handheld 2D scanners designed for everyday use. They feature vibration made and read all popular 1D, 2D bar codes as well as QR codes and OCR.

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The versatile AS-9500 is ideal for information-rich applications in hospitals and pharmacies, inventory, administration, telecommunications, the automotive sector, animal husbandry and much more.

Easy to use with aiming line for bar code scanning, and easy plug and play connectivity via all popular interfaces including RS-232, USB HID and USB COM port.

Made from ABS and rubber, these models meet IP42 dust and splash resistance standards, and drop tests from 1.8 metres.

Works in all environments including bright sunlight up to 100 000 Lux. Reading indication: blue LED, vibrator & adjustable beeper. Reliability: trigger -1 million times; cable – 320 000 times.

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