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Featuring wireless connectivity, the ZortraxM200 Plus is a rapid, high performance 3D desktop printer that is designed to work in large 3D printing farms and has plug & print functionality.


  1. Rapid, reliable powerhouse

    The M200 Plus is a powerhouse of rapid prototyping, design and production that offers reliable, unsupervised operation over long periods of time.

  2. Wireless connectivity & networking

    With built-in Wi-Fi, the M200 Plus allows users to create wireless networks of 3D printers, and to wirelessly transfer files.

  3. User-friendly, plug & print

    The printer is designed to be user-friendly straight out of the box: no assembly or required – just plug & 3D print! Options can easily be selected via the built-in touchscreen, and 3D models previewed onscreen.

  4. More features

    The M200 Plus also features material end detection, built-in camera (watch the print process on your computer) and an upgraded extruder cooling system.

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