The WiibooxSweetin Food 3D printer represents an innovation in advanced 3D printing techniques. Easy to use by just loading 3D model files into the machine, it prints not only dark and white chocolate, but mashed potato, fruit jam, biscuits and more, opening up whole new business models and opportunities for 3D printers!


  1. Easy operation, downloadable software

    With free, downloadable software, users need only load the 3D model files into the machine to start printing. The process can be controlled in real time with the full colour touchscreen, converting creative DIY ideas into delicious, fun treats.

  2. Real-time control

    Due to real-time temperature control, users of the WiibooxSweetin Food 3D printer can adjust and control every little change, making their creations not just exquisite, but protecting nutritional ingredients from damage.

  3. Auto levelling

    A good, stable first layer is the foundation of any good 3D print. The machine calibrates itself automatically to guarantee a perfect foundation first time, every time.

  4. WiibooxSweetin material

    More than 20 different foods from various categories can be shaped and printed with high quality and great precision, including sweets, meat, milk products, dough, chocolate, mashed potato, fruit jam, biscuits, bean paste and more.

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