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The Wiiboox Reeyee SP is a desktop 3D scanner featuring a 360 degree turntable. With industrial vision sensors and lenses and an expandable body design, this fully automatic scanner was designed for high precision rapid scanning.


  1. Turntable & expandable design

    The Wiiboox Reeyee SP has a fully automatic ultra-thin turntable with a maximum of 5kg load bearing. It has a modular, expandable body design that occupies little desktop space, and is also quick and easy to fold up for packing and storage.

  2. Scan modes, precision & speed

    The scanner is capable of both auto rotary scanning and free scanning with a precision of 0.05mm at a scan speed of under 3 minutes. Its collage modes include rotary table auto collage, mark point collage and manual collage.

  3. Industrial vision sensors and lenses; plug and play

    The Wiiboox Reeyee SP features industrial vision sensors and lenses for high precision scanning from three working distances. This scanner is a plug and play device with software installation.

  4. Application

    This desktop model is suitable for product design, medical, footwear and cultural relic applications and more.

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