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Cool and safe for children, the unique Wiiboox Maker 3D Printing Pen allows users to draw colourful 3D resin images on any suitable surface anywhere, anytime – even on their hands! Small, light and environment-friendly, 11 different colour cartridges are available to unleash little artists’ creativity.


  1. Cool & safe

    The Wiiboox Maker 3D Printing Pen is designed to be very safe for children. This cool resin photosensitive pen with its normal temperature nib can draw colour 3D images on any suitable surface – even on hands.

  2. Colourful and environment-friendly

    11 different environment-friendly resin colour cartridges are available.

  3. Small, light & chargeable

    At just 80g and 187mm in length, the Wiiboox Maker 3D Printing can be taken anywhere. It can be charged with both lithium batteries and USB cable.

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