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The Micro is Envisiontec’s smallest desktop 3D printer – it produces small components with the high a level of precision required in the jewellery and dental industries.


  1. High quality jewellery components

    The Micro is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses in the jewellery industry to enable full production capability, producing high quality, small jewellery components. It features a Long Life LED DLP light source with zero maintenance and very low acquisition cost

  2. Build speeds

    The Perfactory Micro builds 5-6 average ring sizes in a 5-8 hour build time. The Perfactory Micro Advantage builds 10-12 average ring sizes in a 5-8 hour build time.

  3. Materials

    Available Materials: ABS Flex M, EC500 M, EC3000 M, HTM140 M.

  4. Specifications

    Machine Specification Micro Plus Advantage Micro Plus Hi-Res
    Build Envelope 65 x 40 x 100 mm 45 x 28 x 100 mm
    XY Resolution 60 micron 30 micron
    Dynamic Z resolution 25 – 75 micron** 25 – 75 micron**

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