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13 Nov 2018

Some gadgets seem to exist to solve a problem you didn’t know you had, whereas Brother labelling machines excel at resolving situations we can all identify with: losing, misplacing or failing to find something really important.

It could be the one cable you really didn’t want to pull out, or the file you need to complete your month-end financial reports. Either way, not being able to immediately identify it is going to add to your stress, and could even mean a longer day at work or a missed opportunity.

These problems can be exacerbated in a small office context. If you work from home or as part of a small team, then you already know how important it is to be productive – and how frustrating it can be when a lack of organisation undermines that.

A sticker in time…

Labelling is a great way of saving time and energy – when you can see what’s in a file without having to open it, or you know that it’s the red cable that’s keeping you connected, mistakes are far less likely.

However, DIY labelling is rarely the answer. Between illegible handwriting and the frustrations of trying to print from a computer onto sheets of labels, even the best-laid plans can come unstuck.

What you need are labels that are easy to read, that last, and that you can customise to meet the needs of your small office. In other words, you need a Brother labelling machine.

If you’re familiar with the “broken windows” theory of crime prevention, you’ll know how easily a small office can become disorganised. As soon as people get too relaxed about filing, for example, it’s not long before systems break down – and the results can be costly. By using labels to create and maintain foolproof filing systems, you can make sure that never happens.

Design, print, cut

Creating labels with a Brother label printer couldn’t be easier. QWERTY keyboards allow you to write label text as quickly as you would an email, while the built-in screens enable reviewing before printing – giving you labels without errors, every time.

With rapid printing speeds, there’s no time delay between envisioning your label, and applying it. Built-in label cutters carry out the last step for you, and then you’re good to go. It’s time to get stuck in – or stuck on.

Brother understands that no two businesses are the same, which is why their label printers are designed for maximum customisation. PC connectivity via USB or Bluetooth, plus Brother’s easy-to-use PT Editor software suite, mean that you can create high-resolution labels that are as unique as your business.

If you regularly need to print the same labels, you can save yourself even more time by storing your most frequent designs in the built-in memory of your Brother labelling machine, and then instantly recall and reprint them next time.

At home in the office

The Brother range includes the popular P-Touch devices, ideally suited for use in small offices, as they offer incredible functionality for a very small desktop footprint. The PT-E100 series of industrial label printers, in contrast, are designed for use outside the office, for example in warehouses and other remote asset management situations.

The functionality of Brother label printers – and the number of options they make possible – is amplified by the range of tapes that the company produces. Available from Kemtek in assorted colours and widths, Brother labelling tapes are designed for legibility and durability. Using different coloured tapes instantly makes your labels more impactful, and can also be used to distinguish between labels created by different team members.

Brother’s revolutionary new TZe laminated tapes use PET polyester film to create labels that will stand the test of time – they’re effectively indestructible. They can withstand the rigours of the weather – including direct sunlight, which can fade inferior labels – and also abrasion, chemical exposure and temperature extremes.

This makes them ideal for creating labels for outdoor use, and in safety and security applications where vital information may need to be read long after it is posted.

If reading this blog has inspired you to get more organised, don’t just file it away somewhere hard to find. Instead, contact Kemtek Labelling Solutions today to find out how Brother labelling machines can transform your business systems, and make you more efficient and productive – all at the push of a button.