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26 Feb 2018

A closer look at the HP Indigo range.

What’s so special about HP Indigo?

HP Indigo digital presses offer several distinct advantages over conventional offset litho printing in terms of versatility and productivity. Investing in a HP Indigo digital press is the ideal way to unlock further business from existing and new clients. That’s because the HP Indigo range ensures both quality and viable business economics, as well as enabling you to offer value-added and high-margin services that help to offset the capital outlay.

How do HP Indigo presses compare to conventional printing?

While HP Indigo digital presses use regular inks and can achieve very high output speeds, just like conventional printing, that’s really where the similarities end. You’re about to enter a brave new world of flexibility and cost-effective, customised short-run printing.

Digital printing presses direct ink onto the substrate electronically thanks to charged particles in the ink. This allows for more accurate ink transfer, and more consistent colour registration. Brighter, more saturated colours that simply pop and can’t fail to get noticed.

The versatility of HP Indigo digital printing equipment is further enhanced by their built-in “shock absorber” functionality which facilitates excellent results on a much wider range of substrate thicknesses.

Best of all, thanks to the use of Photo Imaging Plate (PIP) technology, rather than inflexible etched plates, a different image can be used on the plate with every rotation of the printing cylinder. This enables highly customised, individualised printed sheets – very on trend with current client requirements and consumer expectations.

The HP Indigo 20000

The HP Indigo 20000 commercial web-fed press is your high-productivity commercial application solution. Its ability to handle large format printing tasks on a variety of substrates (including canvas and posters) combines with excellent costs per sheet – even on high ink coverage jobs.

Experience output speeds of up to 42m/min – equivalent to up to 2 300 full-sized sheets per hour – and full 7-colour support. HP’s Liquid Electrophotography (LEP) technology delivers unparalleled print quality and versatility to give your printing business a cutting edge at the forefront of modern commercial printing.

Create clear blue sky between you and your business competitors by being able to offer rapid turnarounds and competitive pricing.

The HP Indigo 30000

The HP Indigo 30000 offers the same range-wide advantages as the 20000 but is specially designed for labelling and packaging printing applications. This dynamic digital printing press can handle not just labels, but folding cartons, flexible packaging and shrink sleeves, too.

Its ability to register perfectly on substrates ranging from 250 – 600 microns thick enables you to offer printing on metalised and synthetic substrates, giving your clients new and exciting labelling and packaging options.

In combination with customised packaging, this is exactly what will catch the eyes of today’s ever-more discerning consumers. Mass produced, homogenised packaging has had its day – with the HP Indigo 30000 you can offer the future now – and at viable prices.

How green is my press?

As you might expect from a company as innovative and forward looking as HP, the Indigo range is designed to be as conscious of environmental considerations as it is of client needs. At every stage of the life of a HP Indigo press – from carbon-neutral manufacturing to reusable and recyclable components – sustainability is designed in.

Minimised media waste and reduced power consumption per printed page further reduce the total cost of ownership and allow more attractive cost models to be offered to clients.