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08 May 2018

Taking digital printing to the next level.

HP Indigo 6900 Digital Press

The HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press acquired an excellent reputation for productivity and the quality of its printed output. In keeping with their commitment to continuous product innovation, HP has now launched the successor to this digital printer: the HP Indigo 6900.

Users of the WS6800 will instantly recognise the HP Indigo 6900, but this new printing machine is more than a mere rebranding, as it enables PSP’s to offer an even more comprehensive offering to their clients.

Say yes to the 6900

Everything you loved about the WS6800 has been retained in this new model, including its ability to deliver higher profitability and peerless application flexibility. The high levels of automation and increased uptime which made the WS6800 one of the most efficient digital printers available have been further enhanced in this new model.

Even more significantly, the HP Indigo 6900 gives PSP’s the ability to respond positively to almost any client request, no matter how specialised or how short the time frame. With a print speed of up to 40m/min in full colour, this is a digital printer which delivers on time, every time.

Its ability to support seven colours and print on a very wide range of substrate types and thicknesses (from 12 – 450 microns) is your guarantee of both quality and adaptability.

Peak Productivity and Full Flexibility

The technical specifications of the new HP Indigo 6900 are only half the story. The inclusion of powerful, scalable and cloud-connected DFE – HP Production Pro for Indigo Labels & Packaging enables you to achieve truly streamlined productivity and connectivity.

Where the HP Indigo 6900 really excels is in its ability to print almost any packaging application, from labels to flexible packaging to shrink sleeves. Expand your service offering through the ability to use specialised inks including silver, fluorescent pink, UV-invisible and security inks. Perfect for when you want to be seen – or don’t want to be.

The Pack Ready for Labels functionality allows you to create high-performance labels for applications where exposure to water and chemicals could otherwise degrade the labels. The end result is more durable labels that contribute to consumer awareness and safety.

Standing Out by Being Outstanding

In today’s crowded retail environments, your clients’ products need to be noticed if they are going to sell. The HP Indigo 6900 is compatible with HP Indigo GEM, our enhanced digital embellishment unit. Benefit from simplified, single pass production – saving your clients both time and money and getting their products on shelves sooner.

Highly decorated labels can make a real difference to how consumers perceive products and the HP Indigo GEM enables you to quickly and easily add digital foil, varnish and special effects for labels that look and feel more inviting and exciting.

Invest in the Future

The HP Indigo 6900 enables you to actively seek new clients through broadening the scope of your service offering and extending it even beyond the capabilities of the WS6800.

From high-volume label production to short runs of customised folding cartons, brightly-coloured flexible packaging and full coverage shrink wraps, the faster lead times, reduced waste and consistently high-quality results delivered by the HP Indigo 6900 will give you a distinct competitive advantage.

Whether you’re looking for new clients in sectors you’re not previously serviced or you want to offer added value to existing clients through enhanced efficiency, reduced turnaround times and innovative labelling and packaging solutions, the HP Indigo 6900 is worth a closer look.

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