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17 Apr 2019

Make room in your office for the Argox CP140

If your office is like ours, space is no doubt at a premium – and nowhere more so than on your desk. They say that a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, and yet there are certain things that need to be there. While the idea of adding a label printer to that list may not seem obvious at first, the new Argox CP-2140 desktop label printer will soon win you over with its combination of compact style and powerful capabilities.

The Argox CP-2140 can save you more than just space. It can be fitted with a 300m-long ribbon – that’s the length of three rugby pitches. This adds up to more labels and more time between changing ribbons, saving you precious time.

When your ribbon eventually runs out, changing it is a quick and easy procedure, and for convenience you can even opt to load the ribbon ink side in or ink side out.

A new, improved model

The latest, upgraded version of this best-selling desktop label printer supports a wider range of labelling formats than ever before, including 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes and QR barcodes. It’s compatible with the Windows 7 OS and you can also download Windows TrueType fonts so that what you see on your screen is what you print.

Offices can be distracting places at the best of times, but the discreet looks and improved printing noise mean that you’ll barely notice that the Argox CP-2140 is there. What you can’t miss, however, is the exceptional results this label printer can create.

Printing media are easy to load, and the media sensor system offers enhanced flexibility and a wider range of applications. For more precise printing, the head-open switch can be used to initiate auto-calibration.

Thanks to the modular design of the Argox CP-2140, maintenance tasks can usually be achieved in situ with minimal disruption to label printing operations. Early Argox models earned a reputation for durability – their solidity meant they could cope with the occasional mishaps of office life with ease. The latest, upgraded version of this desktop label printer retains this high degree of survivability, while introducing improved performance in several key areas.

Print quality of up 203dpi resolution can be achieved, at an impressive speed of 5ips (equivalent to around 0.13 metres per second).

Plenty of room for class-leading technology

As well as the 300m ribbon, the Argox CP-2140 squeezes a great deal of technology into its deceptively small frame.  Standard memory options include 4MB Flash and 8MB SDRAM, while connectivity is a notable strongpoint of this labelling machine. Multiple communication interfaces allow seamless linking with data sources, whether you use parallel, RS-232 or USB. The CP-2140E model also features optional ethernet connectivity.

The Argox CP-2140 desktop label printer will never be in the way, while still delivering the functionality and performance you might only expect from a much larger device. Argox is known for their competitive pricing, and the capabilities of the new Argox CP-2140 mean that it can more than ‘pay the rent’ in even the most crowded workplace.

Its ability to rapidly generate short runs of high-quality, high-resolution labels adds valuable flexibility to your operations and allows you to respond to production, demand and pricing fluctuations without leaving your desk.

Minimal footprint, maximum applicability

The Argox CP-2140 desktop label printer is already proving its worth in industries such as textiles, retail and courier services, and anywhere where labels need to be printed ad hoc with minimal lead time. This labelling machine is ideally suited to Auto ID applications, such as inventory control in warehouses, and sample and patient tracking in healthcare scenarios.

Best of all, you won’t have to move that framed family photo off your desk – the Argox CP-2140 will save you space and also let you save face should your spouse pay a surprise visit to your office.