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02 Aug 2019

If you weren’t there…

Our recent SATO and Kemtek AEP Training Courses in Johannesburg and Cape Town provided hands-on training with this dynamic new technology. If you couldn’t be there, this blog covers some of the key features of SATO Application-Enabled Printing.

A standalone solution

AEP lets you print without the expense of linking a computer to your printer. Instead, you can connect your SATO printer directly to peripheral devices such as USB keyboards or bar code readers. This gives you significant additional flexibility when it comes to on-demand printing of labels and tags.

The AEP platform also lets you easily integrate SATO printers with other devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for factory automation without spending time on device customisation or the installation of special printer firmware.

Save on cost, space and time

The removal of the need for an associated computer comes with obvious initial and ongoing cost-saving benefits, but is also advantageous in working environments where space is at a premium. AEP is easily understood with minimal training, which, along with the potential to streamline the printing process, offers increased productivity.

AEP applications also give you a greater degree of control over printing processes. By preventing unauthorised use of printing resources, you can ensure that priority items are printed when you need them, without being stuck in job queues.

Apply yourself

AEP software applications offer multiple benefits and enhanced functionality. SATO AEP Downloader is the easiest way to download label designs into SATO printers, while AEP Utility enables you to update bitmap graphics and database tables.

The intuitive user interface of AEP Works gives you complete control of your label designs – one more way in which AEP lets you harness the intelligence inside your printer.

The next generation of smart printing

SATO AEP provides optimal printing efficiency, while the company’s CLNX Series standalone printers offer multiple advantages. As you might expect from a solution that’s intended to make life easier, they are durable and easy to maintain – again, making them ideal for use in factories, warehouses and other demanding environments.

Their ability to support diverse types of media enhances your operational flexibility, while their responsiveness eliminates lead-time issues and lets you stay on top of changing priorities and demands.

Even simpler, more flexible, more efficient…

The latest CLNX printers have enhanced features in addition to the USB ports, LCD screens, built-in guidance videos, tool-less consumable exchange and standard emulations. More peripherals can be attached, including weighing scales for retail operations. Wi-Fi connectivity increases their interoperability with other devices.

Printer configurations can be adjusted online by users in different locations, removing print quality roadblocks when time is of the essence. CLNX printers can also be seamlessly integrated into SNMP networks to instantly link them to servers. The latest CLNX models are fully RFID-ready, providing yet another way for you to communicate with them, while customisable video functionality lets you create branding options with AEP.

Knowing me, knowing you

Thanks to the built-in USB drive, printer settings can be cloned from one SATO CLNX to another – or to multiple machines. This removes the need to individually configure printers performing the same functions in different locations.

The profile setting feature lets you set create multiple profiles for different labels – again demonstrating the degree of flexibility that SATO CLNX Enhanced AEP printers can bring to your workspace.

In today’s offices, warehouses, shops and dispatch centres, the most valuable commodities are time, space and money. Investing in the SATO AEP Platform and CLNX printers can help you economise on all three, simultaneously.

To learn more about SATO AEP and how you can benefit from this technology, contact Kemtek today.