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25 May 2020

Choose efficiency. Choose processless. Choose Fujifilm Superia ZE.

Processless printing is now a viable option for mainstream offset printing operations, thanks to technological advances made by Fujifilm with their new Superia ZE plates. This new product directly addresses the principal disadvantages of previous generations of processless plates and makes the advantages of going processless available to all offset printers.

The challenge of processless

Previous processless plates tended to be expensive and suffered from latent image visibility and run-length issues. On-plate development also often left something to be desired.

With Superia ZE, Fujifilm has resolved these issues. Latent image visibility has been improved through a new colouring mechanism, while run lengths of up to 200 000 impressions can now be achieved thanks to the redesigned photosensitive layer. This makes it ideal for low-margin, high-volume general commercial printing (GCP) operations, with fewer plate remakes being required and less mid-job downtime. At the same time, ultra-fast on-press development allows for faster press start-ups, saving time on each print run.

Fujifilm plates are renowned for their high-quality, and the specs of Superia ZE are equally impressive, with 1 – 99% resolution – even at 200dpi.

A legacy of innovation

The result is an industry-leading combination of flexibility and performance that builds on Fujifilm’s history of offset print innovation and investment in processless technology, which can be traced back to the launch of the PRO-T processless plate in 2006.

Although it is an advanced product, Superia ZE processless plates are also surprisingly durable: they have a wide degree of tolerance for varying press conditions. They are versatile enough to be used with high-speed platesetters and UV printing presses.

Recent global events have brought home to all companies – including commercial printers – the importance of achieving and maintaining business efficiencies. Capping costs makes a direct contribution to business survivability, as well as allowing enterprises to pass on business-winning and loyalty-generating cost-savings to new and existing clients.

Save time and money

Using Superia ZE plates can dramatically streamline your offset printing workflows. With no processing step between pre-press and press, there is no need for water, chemistry or gum. That means no waste to be responsibly disposed of, and makes offset printing a more eco-friendly (and less expensive) undertaking.

The advantages offered by the Fujifilm Superia ZE plates derive from its advanced coating technology. The “Interface Adherence and De-bonding” or IAD technology delivers outstanding on-press performance, even under low-ink conditions.

This new IAD technology has been used in a new undercoat layer in Superia ZE, sitting on top of a new anodised plate grain structure. Finally, a new initiation system has been developed using a new coating recipe.

Better in every way, every day

Superia ZE features the best combination of quality, latent image visibility, run length, versatility and on-press development performance on the market. These are exactly the attributes that the offset print industry has been looking for, and we can confidently predict that by tackling some of the perceived disadvantages of processless plates, Fujifilm Superia ZE will be the product that places processless firmly in the mainstream.

This is the ideal plate for everyday use – and in an industry where time is money, the fact that it is the fastest processless plate to run up to colour only adds to its appeal. Kemtek is delighted to be able to offer Fujifilm Superia ZE plates in South Africa – a high-tech product that’s robust and versatile enough to integrate seamlessly into demanding PSP workspaces.

For more information download the Fujifilm Superia ZE presentation or book a free, no-obligation trial, with your local Kemtek sales representative or Johan Faurie (Head of Kemtek’s Conventional Print Division) at

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