Provide the finishing touch and add value


Provide the finishing touch and add value

Have you started thinking about finishing?

When it comes to creating compelling communications collateral, printing is just the beginning. It’s what happens next – the finishes and coatings that you apply – that can really make a difference. If you’re in the commercial printing space at sizes up to A3 or B2, Kemtek can advise you on finishing solutions that will give you a competitive edge by making each item that you print truly stand out. It’s time to delight your clients with value-added services.

There are two aspects to printed communication: the actual words used in conveying the message, and equally the aesthetics – the look and feel of the finished piece. Modern finishing solutions can protect printed collateral (through laminating or varnishing), making them more durable, while spot treatments can highlight key elements of the collateral.

At Kemtek, we work with HP Indigo and leading manufacturers of finishing equipment and we have the necessary technical and business expertise to empower you to embrace this transformative technology.


Kompac finishing solutions can be used either inline or offline, depending on your requirements. They are scalable and range from desktop models for applying UV or aqueous coatings to labels, to larger models that are compatible with the latest digital printing presses.

Kompac finishing solutions allow you to apply a wide range of specialty coatings to multiple substrates, providing an enhanced level of flexibility. These coatings not only improve the look of what you’ve printed, but can make each piece more durable and impart rub-resistant qualities to applied ink.

The end result is production-quality finishing on paper, card and plastic – and with the automatic feeder capability of the Kompac Onyx 30, you can coat up to 6 000 sheets per hour. Advanced features include ‘non-contact’ air delivery to ensure the integrity of each coated piece, and accelerated agility is provided by the 2-minute coating change functionality. This gives you the ability to respond in seconds to changing client request.

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With PrintFlood technology from Markhunting, you can seamlessly link your finishing equipment to your HP Indigo digital presses for single pass printing and finishing. Electronic interfaces allow HP and Markhunting devices to communicate directly, while direct delivery of printed sheets removes any lag or time delay.

While both online and offline configurations are possible, online is where the greatest differentiation is achieved with next-too-zero downtime. These increases in productivity also come with an additional, highly important saving – namely the fact that UV and aqueous coatings are more environmentally friendly than traditional laminating. There also potential gains in cost-effectiveness here.

Markhunting finishing solutions can be applied to a vast array of printed items, improving both their appearance and durability. Key features such as coating pre-heating and auto-gap functionality contribute to smooth, consistent results – even at speeds of up to 45 metres per minute – for the perfect fusion of quality and quantity.

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The name says it all, and Kemtek is proud to offer the Perfection range from MBO-Komori-Group. These folders come complete with MBO premium features engineered for precision, quality and cost-effectiveness. Flexibility is fitted as standard, and with MBO you’ll have more options to fold more substrates in more ways than ever before.

Folding machines allow you to add value as a convertor and can take your packaging offering to the next level. That means a higher degree of automation, reduced downtime and quicker turnarounds between jobs.

All of which lets you deliver an enhanced customer offering, and provides greater opportunities to generate revenue. MBO have adopted a modular approach to their finishing technology with the aim of allowing PSPs to create customised finishing systems that match their needs exactly. This includes roll-fed finishing solutions for continuous production.

See the MBO-Komori-Group range from Kemtek here:

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