Nonstop printing with the HP Indigo 100K


Nonstop printing with the HP Indigo 100K

Next-level productivity

Welcome to the world of non-stop printing – prepare to transform the economics of your business with the revolutionary HP Indigo 100K digital printing press.

As a printshop owner or manager, you’re already familiar with the economics of printing and the rules that govern the cost of ownership of each printing press you invest in. Well, now is the time to rip up the rulebook and discover a whole new economics of printing.

A new perspective

The HP Indigo 100K will completely change how you think about printing. Short runs can be more profitable, and at the same time, you can rewrite your longer-term business strategy thanks to the 100K’s ability to provide your entry into new markets.

Untappd revenue opportunities are the holy grail for any business; this B2 digital printing press is the key that could unlock them for your enterprise.

More than mere speed  

This digital printing press is not just about speed. It delivers quality output that is indistinguishable from offset in terms of colour register and image quality. Integration into your existing operation is easily achieved, and the ease of use that has become associated with all HP Indigo presses reaches new heights here.

The efficient built-in workflows allow for continuous production – and reduced downtime provides a further enhancement to profitability. The HP Indigo 100K makes predictability exciting: its robust paper transport relies on offset-like gripper-to-gripper architecture that effectively eliminates misfeeds.

The combination of non-stop stacking and automatic pallet replacement, combined with 5-source input lets you switch seamlessly between paper types – meaning no delay between the end of one job, and the start of next one.

The innovative spectrophotometer ensures complete colour reliability, even at maximum output volumes. This combination of quality and quantity makes the 100K an unbeatable proposition.

Migrate to digital

This B2 digital printing press embodies all the advantages associated with digital printing, including reduced labour requirements, reduced resource usages through no plate requirements and lower paper wastage rates.

Auto-collation saves on bindery costs, while the AI-enabled serviceability drives higher uptime ratios and lower maintenance costs.

The following case studies illustrate the advantages of the HP Indigo 100K digital printing press – and how easily you can benefit from the same features and functionality.

Case study #1 – Bolger

Bolger has two key focuses: data-driven personalisation and sustainability. Investing in the HP Indigo 100K has helped them make significant progress against both targets.

Bolger sees massive potential in data-driven printing, and their 100K has enabled them to decommission two offset printers as they take advantage of the digital sheetfed productivity advantages of their new press. It has also positively altered the economics of their offering to their customers.

In terms of sustainability, Bolger have been able to offer savings based on reduced paper wastage, decreased inventory requirements, and the fact that these digital printing presses have lower energy requirements.

Case study #2 – CMYKhub

CMYKhub has leveraged the agility of the HP Indigo 100K for ease of integration into their operation and are running it alongside their existing offset printing press. They have been particularly happy with the increased uptime and productivity that the 100K has given them.

The fact that the HP Indigo 100K can run attended for several hours without in any way compromising quality means that a single operator can achieve more in less time, and with a reduced workload. In fact, they have found that they can now print in one shift, what previously would have taken two shifts.

In just its first month, CMYKhub’s 100K created over 1 million impressions, so imagine what it could achieve in your printshop when you embrace non-stop B2 digital production.

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