Meet the HP Indigo B2 Digital Printing Press


Meet the HP Indigo B2 Digital Printing Press

Gain high-growth short run business with the HP Indigo 35K.

What the people want

Changing consumer behaviour is driving unprecedented change in the world of folding carton packaging. The age of long runs of static designs is over; today, short jobs are all the rage as brands race to keep up with fickle consumers and ever-changing trends.

SKU proliferation and the reduction in typical run length represent an opportunity for folding carton converters that are able to adapt to this “new normal”. By shifting to a digital mindset, you can become more agile and take advantage of new revenue streams.

Success in the modern folding carton arena demands the ability to transition seamlessly between jobs whilst maintaining exceptional quality standards. Flexibility is essential, and that’s exactly what the HP Indigo 35K digital B2 printing press provides.

Small quantities, high quality

The HP Indigo 35K excels at delivery long run productivity benefits on short jobs. Downtime is all but eliminated thanks to there being no need to stop when one media source is used up, when switching to the next job, or when proofing in preparation of a switch.

Multiple media input and output options let you keep the press in operation for longer, again optimising the revenue-generating possibilities. From a software point of view, workflow automation and Print OSx solutions introduce further cost- and time efficiencies.

Flexibility fitted as standard

The HP Indigo 35K has 2 input drawers and a pallet feeder, and can accommodate a vast range of media in terms of sheet size, media type and thickness. Variable printing speeds range up to 4 600 sheets per hour in Enhanced Productivity Mode (for a potential monthly total in excess of 1 million B2 sheets).

Output statistics like these speak to not just flexibility but also efficiency. Features including proof-while-you-print means that there is virtually no reason to ever stop your HP Indigo 35K. In addition to eliminating inter-job pauses, you can also significantly reduce setup times thanks to the Spot Master automated colour-matching process.

Delighting customers and consumers

The ability of the HP Indigo 35K to deliver exceptional quality alongside industry-leading flexibility has the potential to be a folding carton packaging game-changer.

Brand identity parameters are becoming ever tighter, but this not a concern if you’re printing on this digital printing press. It can deliver 97% of the Pantone gamut, while its parallel colour station allows continuous colour calibration – from the first to the last, every printed item will have the same registration accuracy.

Boundless creativity

Modern brands need to stand out to survive – which is why the HP Indigo 35K is empowered to deliver creative solutions that are aligned with – and can even drive – trends. Sales are being driven by factors including seasonal specials, personalisation and limited editions, while more a more rigorous regulatory space is contributing to shorter product lifecycles and frequent packaging changes.

As you’d expect, the HP Indigo 35K is easily integrated into your folding carton packaging production line. It is easily paired with pre-press and web to print system, while the inline TRESU iCoat II coating module allows for an augmented range of finishing options.

The production line can be rounded out with any standard converting equipment for embellishments, cut & crease and fold & glue. This makes the HP Indigo 35K B2 digital printing press an essential component in any folding carton operation.

Its combination of quality and flexibility can open up previously inaccessible revenue streams, making its ROI a quantifiable addition to your bottom line. There can be  no more compelling reason to switch to a digital mindset.

To learn more about HP Indigo digital printing presses – including the HP Indigo 35K – and the future of folding cartons, view HP Indigo 35K Digital Press or contact Carl Zerle by email at, or by calling (+27) 083 632 3232.