Industrial printers that punch above their weight.


Industrial printers that punch above their weight.

Our industrial desktop printers get your job done.

Industrial printers for your desktop: small ones are more powerful.

Auto ID technology comes into its own when it can be rapidly and flexibly deployed, allowing you to extract maximum value from your printing equipment in industries from agriculture to retail. Kemtek Auto ID Solutions supplies and services a range of industry-leading desktop industrial printers from manufacturers such as Argox and Datamax-O’Neil, plus the consumables you need to keep you in business.

Our range of thermal transfer label printers and compact desktop bar code printers offer high performance in devices that won’t take up too much of your precious desktop or POS real estate. Don’t be fooled by their small size – on any assessment criterion, from memory to print speed, they measure up against printers that are many times larger.

Your flexible friend

After their space-saving characteristics, the most important quality of desktop industrial printers is the flexibility they offer. The list of applications in which they can be used is long and varied, and testament to the adaptability of these machines.

From clothing tags to mailing, retail, inventory management and shipping and receiving, these compact printers can make your life easier anywhere that you can squeeze them in – which, as we mentioned, is practically anywhere.

Their flexibility is further enhanced by the range of software packages they can typically support, including Windows OS, barcoding and QR code software, and specialist applications such as Bartender UL.

Desktop industrial printers offer cost-saving advantages, too. Not just at the moment of purchase (when you can save money as well as space) but in their competitive cost per label.

For a device that could be sharing your desk with your laptop, ease-of-use is another key consideration, and manufacturers are alert to this. Long ribbons mean less frequent changes – saving you time – and the ribbons themselves are easily accessible, so changes are quick and not at all messy. Everyday maintenance is also far from laborious.

Printing speeds can be surprising fast – up to 7 inches per second, which is the equivalent of 91 metres per hour. Equally impressive is their memory capacity, which on some models includes expanded Flash and SDRAM memory.

Teamwork is great, but what if you need to stand alone?

We keep coming back to flexibility, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, with desktop space at a premium in today’s crowded workstations, each and every piece of equipment must earn its footprint. The capacity to add keyboard and scanner attachments can transform your industrial printer into a standalone device, able to print from direct data inputs.

Flexibility also extends – with some models – to being able to handle diverse media, again expanding the operational envelope (or receipt, or price tag, or mailing label).

When you absolutely, positively have to get out of the office

You may not want to take your work with you, but if you work in retail, for example, you may have to. That’s where lightweight mobile printers come in very handy. If you need to print receipts or labels on demand, for example, to update prices of perishable fresh produce, having a portable label printer on your belt gives you the ability to be ahead of the game – and the competition.

Also ideal for car park management, lightweight mobile printers use Bluetooth connectivity to connect with portable data terminals. At Kemtek Auto ID Solutions, we have the expertise to pair each of your devices with the ideal partner to achieve even greater operational synergies and cost-savings. Think of it as economies without scale.

Whatever your desktop or portable industrial printer requirements, and whether you work in finance, healthcare or logistics, talk to Kemtek Auto ID Solutions to see how we can meet your needs.

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