Add a finishing touch with commercial print finishing


Add a finishing touch with commercial print finishing

A commercial print job isn’t over until it’s finished

In a crowded commercial printing marketplace, it’s important to stand out. Modern printing presses deliver exceptional quality, fast turnaround times and cost-effective solutions – even on short runs. Those attributes are now almost a given.

Helping your clients’ printed collateral speak to their customers – and get noticed before anyone else’s – is increasingly dependent on paying more attention to finishing. This final step in the printing process can make all the difference, and Kemtek is proud to represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial printing finishing solutions, including MBO, Kompac, Markhunting and Scodix.

The last step is often the most important one

The ability to add special coatings, folds, laminations or decorative effects can dramatically increase the impact of any print job. With potential customers being continually bombarded with visual information – both online and in hard copy – attention spans are getting shorter, and a lot of marketing collateral can go to waste.

By offering that something extra, you can unlock extra revenue for your business – and create a more compelling value-added proposition for your clients.

MBO Postpress Solutions

MBO is a German company that specialises in postpress solutions – specifically folding and converting (that is, transforming flat-printed press sheets into 3D objects). MBO’s folding machines are optimised for high-speed operation – essential when you consider the speeds of the printing presses you will want to pair them with.

MBO’s buckle folding and combi folding machines are known for their low-maintenance belt drives and smooth through-flows of printed materials thanks to advanced infeed and alignment systems.

MBO is also a byword for precision – rear slitter shafts permit exact scoring, perforating and cutting, ensuring a perfect finished product every time. This contributes to an improved user experience once the collateral is distributed.

Palletised feeders accelerate the finishing process by avoiding bottlenecks, while the suction systems ensure that press sheets are correctly positioned without the risk of marking. MBO machines feature intuitive touchscreen controls, making perfect results even easier to obtain.

Kompac Coating Systems

Kompac specialise in UV and aqueous coating and printing equipment that permits both flood coating and spot coating – both processes that can enrich your print jobs. Precision application of coatings can dramatically enhance the visual impact of any print job – which is precisely what you need to demonstrate innovation to your clients.

The range of embellishments that can be accomplished with Kompac machines is impressive, and includes adding not just colour, but effects including high-gloss and UV spot coats, and even texture and grit. 2D printed items can thereby acquire tactile qualities that will make a lasting impression on everyone who handles them.

Kompac machines deliver solutions at speed, on a variety of substrates and different sheet sizes. The only real limit to the embellishments – and impact – you can achieve is your imagination. The end result is enduring quality that enables printed items to continue to perform – and generate business – for much longer than you might expect.


Markhunting also specialises in UV, aqueous and soft-touch coating. This fusion of effects that appeal to both vision and touch can help set printed items apart, both at a glance and on closer inspection.

Flood and spot coating technology makes printed materials more vibrant – and with Markhunting’s finishing machines, this can be achieved at running speeds of up to 45 metres per minute. In other words, there’s no reason why the finishing process need add materially to job duration – although it can add markedly to the impact of the finished product.

Markhunting make coating easier – intelligent features including auto-gap stop-start and high-pile pallet feeding reduce the burden on operators, while printed media acquire durability that adds further value through augmented longevity.


Scodix commercial print finishing can enhance PSP competitiveness by enabling print services providers to offer solutions that both attract and retain clients. The ability to create enhancements in-house lets printers deliver value-added, premium services.

The ability to add quality, tactile finishes to pages or parts of pages in magazines, photo albums and items such as invitations not only enhances engagement with end-users but rounds out service portfolios and saves clients having to source a separate finishing company.

High-quality finishing justifies a higher margin, which can boost PSP profitability and reinforce revenue streams. Becoming a genuine, end-to-end one stop shop allows printers to become more competitive and to delight clients through offering enhanced brand integrity, personalisation and creativity. Additional applications include marketing collateral, business cards, and direct mail.

To learn more about commercial print finishing solutions, please contact Carl Zerle at, or by calling (+27) 083 632 3232.