Technology helps encourage shoppers to return

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Technology helps encourage shoppers to return

The Return of Retail

Lengthy lockdowns caused by the pandemic accelerated the consumer migration towards ecommerce, but as we navigate the new normal, it’s clear that consumers are returning to malls and stores. People evidently still enjoy the experience of ‘going to the shops’ and retailers have been quick to adapt store layouts, experiences and offerings in order to reassure still-anxious shoppers.

Technology has a key role to play here, by making shopping both safer and more enjoyable for consumers. Solutions that streamline processes help to eliminate queues and bottlenecks, and deliver information and transactions seamlessly.

These improvements can save retailers money through increased efficiencies, and help to encourage more shoppers to spend their money in bricks and mortar stores, rather than online.

Kemtek POS Solutions

In partnership with our principals, Kemtek offers multiple POS technology solutions for information display, labelling and cash management and security. Our offerings focus on unique stock identifiers and the ability to convey information to both shoppers and shopfloor workers.

Dragon POS Terminal

The Dragon DG-150 is a compact yet powerful POS system with multiple applications in both the retail and hospitality sectors. It delivers exceptional performance thanks to its Intel® Celeron® processors, while its 15” PCAP touchscreen offers intuitive, one-touch operation to speed up processes.

It can support a second, smaller display enabling information to be shared with consumers while the till assistant is processing the sale. This presents upselling opportunities as well as adding a layer of transparency to each transaction and reinforcing shoppers’ trust.

The Dragon DG-150 can also be used in restaurant and coffee shop kitchens for order management and pick up functions.
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GEMS 5” POS Display

In retail, information is empowering – for both consumers and sellers. The GEMS 5” TFT-LCD Display enables both interactive and static communication. Its compact design and low power usage mean it can be easily integrated into store displays where it can present QR codes or images. That is, either advertising or promotional material, or the opportunity for consumers to enjoy a more immersive brand or product experience via their smartphones. By combining the tangible benefits of shopping in person with online content serving, retailers can claw back territory from e-commerce enterprises.
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2D POS Scanner

The rugged yet ergonomic N100 2D handheld barcode scanner lets retail workers achieve much more in less time, including price checks, stock counts and asset tracking. By supporting a wide range of barcode formats, it can be easily absorbed into existing inventory control systems, while its intuitive ease of use and value make it the ideal choice for smaller retailers or larger stores requiring multiple units.
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GEMS Cash Drawer

The demise of cash has been long predicted, and yet it retains immense symbolic and practical value for many shoppers – especially in countries with large numbers of ‘unbanked’ consumers. However, cash does present multiple management and security challenges to retailers.

The GEMS ECH-170 flip top cash drawer provides multiple advantages thanks to its rugged, secure design and outstanding durability. It can also be easily integrated into POS systems thanks to its built-in compatibility with the OLE POS (OPOS) OCX driver, further reducing cash-based transaction timeframes and queues at tills.
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Epson POS Printer

Receipts are a key component of every transaction and a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. They also serve as ‘closure’ for the consumer and underscore trust in the process.

The ability to rapidly generate receipts again reduces delays and consumer frustration, and allows checkout staff to be more productive – in other words, a greater volume of sales per hour.

This is exactly what the outstanding Epson TM-T20 series provides. Easy to set up, these thermal receipt printers are sized to fit into any POS space and come equipped with everything required for almost instantaneous set-up.

The combination of high-speed receipt printing and ease of use will make these printers an indispensable part of your POS operations.
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