New BarTender Starter Edition Designed for SMEs

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New BarTender Starter Edition Designed for SMEs

Extending the benefits of labelling technology

The scale of a business does not change the fact that it may have urgent requirements for quality labelling solutions. With the launch of the Starter Edition of BarTender’s labelling software, SMEs can now access the technology they need to design and edit labels and manage the printing process.

BarTender has applied its experience in delivering enterprise-level labelling software to develop a product that is specifically designed to meet the demands of SMEs and start-ups. Recognising the need to minimise implementation timeframes, the BarTender Starter Edition features an intuitive user interface, and comes pre-loaded with templates and barcode symbols and components to streamline the label designing process.

A dynamic approach to data

Data that is held in Excel spreadsheets or .CSV files can be quickly and easily imported into the BarTender Starter Edition with no compatibility issues. This allows SMEs to leverage their existing databases without the need for additional formatting.

The Starter Edition software also encourages and facilitates collaboration between networked colleagues, as it allows multiple users to update, modify and print label templates. This unique feature sets BarTender’s labelling solution apart from other software by permitting collective ownership of labelling projects. It also prevents the bottlenecks that can occur in small organisations when only one individual has access to vital tools.

Plug and play

The BarTender Started Edition has been developed to save SMEs time and money. Easy data integration and multi-user functionality are key to this approach, as are the built-in business logic, templates and smart wizards that allow many common label designs to be created and customised in minutes.

With over 400 preformatted, ready-to-use barcode components based on 105 barcode symbologies and more than a dozen barcode standards, the Starter Edition is built to handle almost any labelling requirement with ease.

Track and trace made easy

In today’s business environment, traceability and regulatory compliance is vital across all sectors – not just food production and medical products. Incremental serialisation allows for unique product identification. The ability to identify and locate an item at all stages of the product lifecycle provides peace of mind to consumers and clients alike.

Further reassurance comes with knowing that the BarTender Starter Edition is backed by BarTender’s world-class customer service, with expert assistance readily available in the unlikely event of any difficulty.

Growth potential

The Starter Edition represents a range extension from BarTender and has been designed to fit seamlessly into their existing portfolio of labelling software solutions. As the company’s entry-level package, it represents the perfect introduction to the BarTender ecosystem.

BarTender have also designed all their solutions to be scalable – as a company’s labelling needs grow, additional printer connections and features can be added by simply upgrading to BarTender’s Professional or Automation Editions at any point during the Starter Edition subscription.

This inherent growth potential makes BarTender’s solutions the ideal partner for growing companies, with technology that provides room for ambitious expansion.

The BarTender Starter Edition is available through Kemtek’s extensive network of resellers and partners. For more information, contact your local Kemtek branch or email Hendrik Booysens at