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11 Dec 2017

SINCE its establishment in 1981, Millionaire Printers has expanded into a truly multi-faceted commercial printing enterprise, offering numerous services including brochures, calendars, posters, labels, leaflets, packaging, signage and much more, from its busy studio and production plant in Benoni, Gauteng.

‘We always strive to keep up to date in terms of printing expertise and equipment and, as a result we are capable of handling a wide range of printing – from full colour A1+ to one-colour business cards,’ comments co-owner, Hedley Segall. ‘Over the years, we have expanded into a facility that delivers impeccable quality using the latest computer-to-plate technology. And, in the last 12 months, our plate production efficiency has taken a positive 360° turn, largely due to the introduction of a Fujifilm ZAC Lo-Chem processor and Fujifilm PJE thermal plates, supplied and installed by Kemtek Imaging Systems.’

By using an intelligent developer replenishment, the ZAC Lo-Chem Processor is allowing the team at Millionaire Printers to significantly reduce the volume of chemistry and water used, improving costs and environmental footprint, plus reducing maintenance requirements and downtime. Furthermore, bath life is being extended because the plates are maintaining dot structure and stability for much longer. ‘Before the ZAC system was introduced, we were replenishing our chemical bath on average after every three weeks, but now we’re only having to do this after three months. That’s significant improvement!’ declares David Jansen, Millionaire Printers’ CtP manager. ‘We’re also noticing that the quality of our plates is improving and, as a result, our print quality is too.’

Overall, Hedley, David and the team are excited to have established a more productive and streamlined operation, right through from chemical waste reduction to shortened delivery lead times.

‘Quality plates are produced consistently, without effort, and this is having a positive effect on our downstream operation,’ confirms Hedley. ‘Thanks to the expert technical team at Kemtek Imaging Systems, we’re running plate production very smoothly and our customers are noticing the difference in our print quality and overall service!’