The vital link in every supply chain

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The vital link in every supply chain

It’s all about connections

Logistics underpins every single aspect of our lives, from ensuring that we have food to eat to enabling manufacturers to keep on producing the goods we need and want. Logistics is the art and science of moving items from where they are made or produced, to where they are needed. A simple definition for what is in fact an immensely complex industry, in which the ability to track and identify items is vital if delays and costs are to be avoided.

There are multiple factors to be considered in any logistics operation, and this increases exponentially where cross-border operations are included. Perishability, traffic congestion, import duties and availability of vehicles and containers are just some of the many considerations involved in modern logistics. It’s a sector where time is literally money, and even relatively short delays can result in lost opportunities and increased costs.

Very few of the goods we use in our everyday lives are produced close to where we live, which means that a vast network of logistics companies is required to connect producers to customers.

Kemtek Logistics solutions

The growth of the ecommerce and food delivery sectors is driving growth in the logistics industry. Together with our principals, Kemtek is at the forefront of innovations designed to remove friction from the process, and ensure the fast, free flow of goods through the supply chain. Advances such as cloud computing, AI and the Internet of Things are transforming logistics – if that’s your industry, you need to be sure you can keep up.


Logistics can  be physically demanding as well as complex, which is where the CROSSCALL range comes in. These ruggedised smartphones and mobile computers offer enhanced survivability in even the most demanding environments – without sacrificing functionality. For capturing data, identifying items and sharing statistics, CROSSCALL devices are more than up to the challenge – even when dropped, splashed with water or used in cold or outdoor devices. Explore the CROSSCALL range here:


ProGlove bar code scanners are fully aligned with the wearable technology trend, and offer enhanced ergonomics and intuitive ease-of-use. Among the lightest yet most powerful wearable scanners on the market, they deliver significant time savings that enable logistics operators to achieve more per shift, without the need to carry heavy, uncomfortable devices. Their enhanced connectivity ensures seamless data flows throughout any logistics operation. Discover ProGlove solutions here:

CipherLab RK25 and RK95

CipherLab mobile computers such as the RK25 Series  and RK95 Series  offer multiple advantages in a logistics context. They combine ease-of-use with exceptional scanning power and connectivity, empowering operators to immediately track and trace items at any point in the logistics process. This real-time data can then be used to make decisions that save time and money, and eliminate delays in the flow of goods. The optional addition of RFID readers adds another dimension – it’s time to up your data collection game.

Argox IX series and Argox Linerless

Compact, yet powerful and dynamic, Argox IX Series printers are designed for rapid printing of bespoke labels in high-demand environments. Without correctly identified items, logistics operators are blind – and that’s where Argox can step in. Their on-demand label printers allow item information and unique identifiers to be instantly replaced or updated, helping to eliminate confusion and mitigate supply chain shrinkage.  

Linerless labels are another innovation from Argox – as the entire roll is label, rolls are lighter and smaller for the same number of labels. This makes them easy to store and deliver – address two of the classic logistics challenges – and also means no liner waste, so they are a more ecologically sound option. Discover Argox logistics solutions from Kemtek here:

SATO CL4NX Plus, CL6NX Plus and Sato RFID printer

SATO’s latest industrial thermal label printers are enabling the roll-out of IoT innovations across the logistics industry by improving traceability and productivity. These enhancements lead directly to increased customer satisfaction, with reliable product availability contributing to brand loyalty and sales for customers. The advent of RFID – an area in which Kemtek’s experts have significant knowledge – offers further productivity and cost-saving opportunities. Download the SATO RFID brochure here:  

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