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27 Mar 2020

It’s time to expand your offering

Adding digital printing presses to your PSP greatly expands the range of services you can offer, but it can also involve considerable capital outlay. That puts the onus on you to keep your digital presses busy and find new business that can use their capabilities.

At the same time, the advantages of digital printing may not be apparent (or necessary) to all potential clients. When looking for new customers – or to grow existing ones – it’s important to know which printing customers will represent the best opportunities.

Know your customer

Naturally, a big part of your success will come down to your mastery of the subject and your approach to customer service. You can however shorten your odds of success through research. Understand a potential customer’s needs, their financial position and their current printing ecosystem.

This will enable you to position your PSP as meeting their needs, which can best be done by asking focused questions during your sales presentation. This is your first and best opportunity to pitch both the benefits of digital printing, and of the USPs of your business.

You will need to understand the customer’s volume, quality and turnaround time requirements, in addition to their budgets and any other considerations such as existing supplier relationships and commitment to sustainable practices.

It’s okay to show off a little

In each case, you can use your knowledges of the advantages of digital to position your PSP to exceed their expectations in each area. Demonstrating the capabilities of digital printing through samples, test runs, or a site visit can also be highly persuasive. To an extent, this technology sells itself – but only to the right potential customer.

So, how do you identify such a customer? There are certain key characteristics that predispose a company to be a digital print customer or the sort of company that has the most to gain from using your PSP services.

Out of the box thinking

Packaging can be an especially fruitful area to concentrate on. This is a growing sector of the PSP market and packaging is becoming as important for its messaging potential as for its practical purposes. Companies that are alert to this development and want to use their packaging as part of their integrated marketing strategy or to communicate their brand messages, have a great deal to gain from digital printing technology.

Companies that require packaging for multiple SKUs will appreciate the inherent complexities and will possibly have already investigated how to leverage the flexibility of digital. The launch of new products or limited editions also represents an opportunity to promote the benefits of rapid turnaround time and negligible downtime between different runs. This directly impacts speed to market – another key consideration in today’s just-in-time economy.

Quality is always a factor – but so too is cost, or rather, the ability to extract value by managing costs effectively. Again, these requirements play directly to your strengths as a digital PSP.

Always look forwards

While these are concerns that all businesses share, it’s likely to be the more progressive or imaginative enterprises that are most easily persuaded to switch their printing supplier or method. Potential customers in this space may well also be interested in the sustainability of their business practices, and those of their suppliers. Here again, you have an advantage in pitching digital printing technology.

Thanks to the elimination of the requirement to wash plates, digital printing uses far fewer chemicals and less water, and generates radically lower volumes of waste thanks to its inherent efficiencies.

If the notion of potential customers concerned with their brand image, quality, costs, timing and the environment seems like a very broad category indeed, that is due to the widespread relevance of the benefits of going digital.

It also serves to illustrate the potential business that you can win by selling your company as a digital PSP, which can only be good news.

To learn more about growing your business by leveraging the immense revenue potential of digital printing presses, please contact us today.