Epson SC-V7000 UV LFP: Opening up print service horizons – efficiently and profitably

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Epson SC-V7000 UV LFP: Opening up print service horizons – efficiently and profitably

Businesses everywhere are exploring ways to broaden their product offering, open up fresh revenue streams and avoid the pitfalls of a limited customer base. 

The print industry is no exception and, happily, it’s now easier than ever for businesses to diversify their services. Whereas in the past, this would mean the added cost of a separate (often bulky and cumbersome) dedicated machine for each new stream, the new breed of printer can offer a wide range of applications and print on a variety of media, efficiently, productively and cost-effectively. 

Epson SureColor SC-V7000 UV: quality & flexibility

The SureColor SC-V7000 is Epson’s first UV flatbed large format printer, offering exceptional image quality and flexibility across a wide range of media. Along with these qualities, its intuitive interface and convenient features make it easy to use, from beginners to experienced pros, while opening up those coveted new business opportunities. 

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The many markets of the SC-V7000

This flexibility means that the SC-V7000 is equally at home in large format print shops, advertising agencies, graphic design studios, outdoor signage firms and branding firms where it excels at printing eye-catching, vivid retail and graphic work, durable, resistant outdoor signage and customised promotional material. 

Packaging manufacturers and custom packaging companies will appreciate its UV printing on rigid and flexible materials. Event planners and event decorators can produce custom event signage and quick event media, and interior designers can print sophisticated décor elements. 

Architectural firms will welcome the SC-V7000’s precise, sharp printing of technical detail, and fine art studios, art galleries and artists will be thrilled by its colour accuracy, artistic reproduction and texture replication. 

Outstanding UV print quality, versatile media handling

The SC-V7000’s 10-colour UltraChrome UV Ink technology delivers stunning, vibrant prints on various media types, to the highest industry standards. With automatic thickness adjustment and a multi-zone vacuum system, it accommodates media up to 3.14 inches thick, on both rigid and flexible materials. The UV technology also results in fast drying times and scratch resistance.

The Epson Surecolor SC-V7000

Cost-effectiveness & warranty

Competitively priced, the V7000 is an attractive investment for businesses looking to achieve high-quality prints without breaking the bank. Epson also offers a comprehensive warranty for the SC-V7000, providing peace of mind to users. This warranty underscores Epson’s confidence in the printer’s durability and performance.

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