Large format printing now combines stunning visual impact with quality reproduction.


Large format printing now combines stunning visual impact with quality reproduction.

An increase in size for an increase in impact.

Large Format Printers

If you want to get noticed in today’s saturated marketing environments, you have to try that little bit harder to stand out. You can be more innovative with your advertising, or you can super-size it to help you stand out from the crowd.

Large format digital printing lets you do both. Advances in large format printer (LFP) technology have been rapid in recent years, so that all the advantages of digital can now be applied to larger formats. We’re talking massive colour spectrums, multiple substrate media, and a huge range of applications.

Digital dimensions

The latest LFP machines offer the same quality as their regular-sized cousins – it’s just that everything is, well, a little larger.

With LFP machines from market leaders EPSON able to print on substrate panels or sheets up to 64 inches (1.63m) across, the possibilities for helping clients get noticed are bigger than ever.

Advertising is one industry where size really does count. Larger adverts can help businesses get noticed, and also portray a more confident, assured approach. They ensure significant brand exposure and allow creative directors in advertising agencies to really push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

More space means more room for ideas; large format printing means that these more creative expressions of branding will be more impactful and noticed by (and acted on) by more people. Let’s take a closer look (not that we need to get that close) at the marketing and brand building opportunities that large format digital printing offers.

Epson Large Format Printers

Taking it outside

While space in POS scenarios and retail environments may be limited, physical restrictions become far less relevant in the outdoor arena. A city like Jo’burg, for example, is blessed (at least for the purposes of this blog) with significant numbers of under-utilised high-rise residential and commercial buildings. Highway billboards offer additional options.

The combination of inspired creativity, a strong brand message, an iconic building or location and the quality finishes that large format printers can generate makes for advertising that gets talked about.

Outdoor (or OOH – Out of Home) advertising makes sense in situations where people are obliged to become captive audiences (for example, when they are sitting in traffic). In combination with new approaches to billboard and building lighting, they can really make your brand shine.

Events are another application where large format printing can make an impact. Music concerts, festivals and sports events involve large numbers of people with similar tastes and interests congregating in specific locations. In other words, not the sort of opportunity you get every day – so out of the ordinary advertising makes even more sense.

The quality factor

Branding wisdom asserts that everything that carries a company’s brand must be of a standard that supports and reinforces the brand values. The enhanced quality of the latest large format digital printers ensures that register, colour saturation and definition will all be achieved in a way that would befit any brand.

Of course, the same logic applies to intangible brand factors, such as customer service and the attitude of employees. Which brings us to branded vehicles – another area in which large format printing provides the accuracy and visual impact required to turn heads in traffic.

While the use of digitally printed vinyl panels can create lasting visual impacts on other road users, they can’t guarantee good driving. A well-driven, branded vehicle can however help your customers get their message across to many more potential customers and help them to drive sales.

Investing in the capability to provide large format digital printing services will also help your printing company to stand out from the competition and increase in size. There’s never been a better time to go large.