If you want to get ahead, get a labelling machine


If you want to get ahead, get a labelling machine

Organise your organisation

Few steps that you can take can have as dramatic and as instant an impact as investing in a labelling machine. It’s no exaggeration – humans are predominantly visual creatures and being able to identify and distinguish items at a glance can save vital time each day and eliminate frustrations.

The serious side of labelling

Labels exist to inform, but also to alert. Brightly coloured labels can draw people’s attention to hazards that might not otherwise be apparent. In the process, they can prevent injuries or accidental damage to equipment. This is especially the case with equipment that may not be used or serviced regularly. Lack of familiarity often leads to problems, but labels let you convey vital information even when you can’t be there to warn or advise.

Similarly, labels can be used to differentiate what are otherwise very similar items, such as DB board fuses or server cables. Pulling the wrong one out may not lead to disaster, but it could result in a loss of business data or having to reboot systems.

But labels can be fun, too…  

Labelling is not just about avoiding problems. With coloured and patterned tapes and ribbons forming part of our range of Brother consumables, labels can play a part in life’s more enjoyable amounts.

From unique gift wrapping to creative dinner party place settings, you can express your personality and bring joy to the people who mean the most to you – and not just on Valentine’s Day.

Labels are for life

When you need a label that will last, you need Brother TZe tapes – durable laminated tapes that can withstand the elements, water and chemicals. This makes them perfect for settings where they cannot easily be replaced, or for use in tougher environments.

An organised home is a happy home – and the same is true of offices  

Schoolbooks. Shoe boxes. Ingredient jars. Favourite coffee mugs. When you need to know who something belongs to – and you need everyone else to know, too – reach for your Brother labelling machine.

In these pandemic times, not sharing is caring so it’s important to minimise objects being passed around. The easiest way to do this is by having enough of each resource for everyone in your team and labelling them to prevent them getting mixed up.

The benefits of Brother

When you buy a Brother labelling machine, you’re entering an entire labelling ecosystem. With models designed for home or office use, as well as more rugged industrial versions, there’s a label printer for every scenario.

Key features include pre-loaded fonts, design elements and symbol alphabets, plus LCD screens so you can review your labels prior to printing. Rapid, accurate printing and precise cutting make every label look professional.

Built-in QWERTY keyboards combine with the screens for an intuitive interface, while these devices offer exceptional portability for labelling on the go.

Keep on labelling

Brother has created a comprehensive range of consumables, including pre-sized labels and continuous label tapes for maximum flexibility. Whether you’re settling in or shipping out, clear, legible labels will add to your company’s professionalism.

The Brother range also includes HSe tapes – printable heat shrink tubing for cable, fibre and wire identification. In addition to permanently distinguishing the labelled cables, these tapes also offer a measure of additional protection against environmental elements.

Of course, not every label needs to be permanent – there are many domestic and hobby applications where a temporary solution is all that is needed. Brother M tapes are the perfect choice here – and as they come in a rainbow array of colours, you’ll find that they also inspire creativity when you or your kids are crafting.

Whatever your labelling needs, there’s a Brother label printer and tape combination that will do the job. To learn more about Brother labelling solutions from Kemtek, , visit https://kemtek.co.za/solutions/labelling-technology/, contact Russel Stoffels at russels@kemtek.co.za or call him/her on +27 (0) 84 231 9815