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26 Sep 2019

The signs they are a-changing’

If you spend time on the Kemtek website, or follow us on social media, you’ll have noticed some changes recently. Not in the way we do business – we’re as committed to our customers as ever. Rather, the changes are to our corporate identity, logo and tagline.

For a company that deals in revolutionary technology, you may be surprised that some aspects of our new logo look a little familiar. At the same time, the overall design is quite a departure from our ‘old’ logo.

In with the new

Both these aspects of the redesign were intentional. We wanted to refresh and reimagine our corporate identity, but retain the elements that meant the most to our people and our customers.

We’ve retained the green circle or sphere from our previous logo, for example. The circle represents our commitment to providing 360°, holistic solutions and to considering technical challenges from every angle.

Looked as a sphere or globe, it also suggests our expansion beyond South Africa as we look to bring the benefits of new technology to more customers in more countries.

We also felt that retaining our shade of ‘Kemtek’ green was important. Green is a remarkably positive colour. It’s associated with growth, energy and ambition – all qualities that we identify with at Kemtek. Especially relevant to the launch of our new CI is the fact that green is also strongly linked to renewal and change.

It all starts with ‘K’

That’s where the similarities end, and where our new logo takes in a new direction. Using simply the first letter of our company name is a bold move, but we believe it symbolises our confidence in the future of the industries we exist to serve.

Take a closer look: the K is rendered as a single continuous line joining two dots. It brings to mind a circuit board or perhaps a neon sign: technology lighting the way of progress.

Drawing on this stylised letter K, the design team was then able to create icons representing the key services we offer, namely Print Solutions, Labelling, Auto ID and 3D Printing. In each instance, there is an energetic flow to the white line on the green circle.

It can be used to represent a roll of paper or labels, a bar code or extruded material during the process of additive manufacturing. There is a dynamism to each icon – ideal for a company like Kemtek which is never content to sit still.

Rather, we’re curious about the future and engaged in making it more productive and more profitable for our customers. Thinking about the future – which is something we do a lot – brings us to the second key element of our new corporate identity: the tagline.

Going ‘beyond technology’

Launching our CI reaffirmed our commitment to going ‘beyond technology’. But what does that mean for a technology company like Kemtek?

To all of us at Kemtek, ‘beyond technology’ represents our passion for exploring. For discovering new solutions and reimagining not just our logo, but the future of print, labelling and bar coding. We collaborate closely with leading international manufacturers – and with our customers – to bring disruptive new ideas to market.

We help our customers unlock new revenue streams and successfully convert leads. We’re unafraid when it comes to thinking both out of the box, and about boxes and other forms of packaging. We’re online and sometimes we’re out there. But we never stop asking questions and looking for the answers that will make a difference.

Beyond technology also refers to the ‘soft’ side of our business. Not the machines and presses, but the people and service levels that really differentiate us from other companies. What we offer goes far beyond technology and includes on-tap expertise, lasting business relationships and superlative after-sales service.

Join us!

Last but not least, ‘beyond technology’ makes it clear that we’re on a journey to an exciting future. Will you come with us?

Click here to visit our website and see the new Kemtek corporate identity in action, or contact us to learn how Kemtek can help your business go beyond technology.