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19 Jun 2018

Meet HP digital printing innovator, Paul Randall.

Experience the art of possibilities in a digital printing wonderland.

With mad hatters, talking rabbits and smoking caterpillars, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is a fantastic sequence of almost impossible images. Which makes it the ideal theme for HP and Kemtek’s ‘Digital Wonderland’ workshop, which will be hosted by Paul Randall (Worldwide Brand Innovation Manager, HP Graphics Solutions Business HP Inc.).

Paul is the ideal person to guide you through the incredible new landscape of digital printing. As part of HP’s worldwide brands and agencies business development team, Paul’s focus is on supporting brands in their use of HP digital print technology.

Digital printing equipment can help you achieve efficiencies and cost savings, but the advantages extend far beyond this. Digital print can deliver high-impact consumer engagement campaigns – a perfect example of innovative technology driving innovative business growth.

Paul’s experience in using HP technology to grow brands through the design, creation and execution of dynamic packaging solutions has been gained in a in several roles across both the Indigo and Inkjet businesses within the UK, across EMEA and as part of a worldwide team.

A Career in Innovation

Since joining the HP Graphics Solutions Business in 2005, Paul has built up a considerable bank of knowledge on the almost limitless potential of digital printing, and how it can be used successfully.

In this brand owner and advertising agency workshop, Paul will help attendees understand just how employing HP digital printing can take customer engagement to the next level. With consumer attention spans seemingly becoming shorter all the time, brands face the challenge of remaining relevant, and of keeping the loyalty of fickle customers.

Innovation provides a means to constantly refresh your brand and your consumer offering, so that it remains fresh and relevant. The days of mass homogeneity – when every single example of your product packaging looked the same – are over. Instead, technological advances in digital printing equipment have ushered in the era of mass customisation.

On-pack innovation helps your brand stand out, but it can also enable each individual product to stand out. One brand, many consumers – and many personalised experiences. HP’s dynamic personalisation application, Mosaic, enables you to create almost infinite variations on a packaging theme or pattern.

Savings of Every Kind

This is just one of the benefits of digital printing. With no set-up costs or time delay, digital printing lets you get your innovation to market faster, so you can tell your story while it’s still newsworthy. There are environmental benefits too: with the use of plates eliminated, there’s no need for chemicals.

Which means that you can add legitimate eco-credentials to your brand’s narrative and reach or convince additional consumers who may not previously have considered your brand.

And that’s the crux of the digital printing revolution – the ease with which it allows your brand to initiate and maintain relationships with consumers. Just like Alice in her technicolour wonderland, once you send your brand out into the world, it will encounter many kinds of consumer, from the irascible Queen of Hats to the anxious rabbit and the grinning Cheshire Cat.

Unique Packaging for Unique Customers

Each customer – like each of the characters in the classic children’s book – has their own priorities, but digital print technology can help you meet more of these than ever before. Customers who feel that their individual needs are being taken into consideration – or who feel that a brand recognises their uniqueness – will be more likely to spend on that brand. By delivering on – and even exceeding – your brand promise, you can increase revenue and access new market segments.

Throughout this workshop, Paul will showcase real-life examples of commercial brand campaigns that used HP Indigo digital print packaging solutions and give advice on how you can also learn to make the most of the many value propositions offered by HP technology.

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