Introducing the Rebo SMS-R1 Label Printer

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Introducing the Rebo SMS-R1 Label Printer

The future of on-demand, customised label printing has arrived: the new Rebo SMS-R1. Kemtek is proud to be the exclusive southern African distributor of this all-new multi-colour industrial safety label printer, which represents the culmination of years of solutions development from Rebo, and incorporates a number of technical and cost-saving enhancements based directly on customer feedback.

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Meet the Rebo SMS-R1

This is a compact label printer that truly ticks every box, including customisation, colour register and exceptionally sharp resolution. Any label design that you can generate on your desktop can now be printed and cut at speeds of up to 100mm/s, and at 300DPI resolution.

With the SMS-R1, you get rapid production, flexibility and versatility. Easily integrated into existing network architecture, this is one of those rare devices that will make you wonder how you ever coped without it.

Its combination of speed, cost-saving features and intuitive ease of use make the SMS-R1 ideal for contexts where multiple label types are required without advanced notice, and where quality and cost-effectiveness are important drivers. With the Rebo SMS-R1, true ‘create and make’ functionality for safety/warning signs and durable identification labels is now within the reach of SMEs.

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The Rebo SMS-R1 in numbers

The SMS-R1 features a 14-colour palette for true any size, any shape multi-colour sign making and technical labelling. You can now ensure that safety signs are bright, vibrant and unmissable – as indeed they should be. Despite its small footprint, the SMS-R1 can create single jobs up to 10 metres in length – that’s half the length of a Gautrain Electrostar train.

The SMS-R1 label printer is compatible with up to 40 different substrates, including materials that deliver durable legibility in outdoor contexts. The Overlaminate Function can be employed to further increase sign and label life, and runs can be short as a single impression or hundreds of examples.  

A smarter solution

With the Rebo SMS-R1, you can select Rebo’s proprietary software – or any other design software you’re familiar with as the device is software-agnostic. This of course contributes to its flexibility and the ease with which it can be incorporated into your operations. This thermal transfer printer can be linked to your design desktop via either USB or Bluetooth, while its intuitive touchscreen controls allow for precise management of print jobs (and therefore costs).

Key features

With the SMS-R1, TTR ribbon usage is easy to manage, thanks to features including Auto-Feed™, Ribbon Saving Technology and Automatic Tape & Ribbon Recognition – three features whose names are self-explanatory, but which contribute to lower running costs. The maintenance burden is reduced by the closed, dust-free design (reducing print head and ribbon contamination, lowering costs and improving output quality. The convenient slide-in cassettes contribute to ease of use and lower overall TCO through eliminating jamming.


The range of applications for which the SMS-R1 provides a solution is almost endless. Workplace safety is no longer a luxury. The COVID-19 pandemic served to highlight the importance of safety and warning notices being displayed so as to encourage safer, more responsible behaviour.

This applies across multiple verticals, including health and safety, manufacturing (product and product part labelling), automotive, processing industries (labelling tanks, pipes and valves in refineries and brewing plants, for example) and facilities management across almost any horizontal (or specific industry).

The Rebo SMS-R1 excels at producing durable, eye-catching health and safety signage to call attention to specific hazards or emergency controls, including ISO 20560-1 compliant pipe markers. It can equally be used to create asset identification labels, helping to reduce shrinkage through making theft and loss much less likely.

In almost any situation where information needs to be conveyed visually, in text or a combination of both, the SMS-R1 provides the answer. This means that its purchase price can be easily recouped through increased productivity and efficiency, reduced workplace accidents, easier tracing of assets and products and compliance with regulations.

Many devices are referred to as ‘lifesavers’ – the SMS-R1 has the potential to quite literally save lives by making signs and labels that draw attention to hazards and minimise risk.

To learn more about label printing solutions from Kemtek, including the revolutionary Rebo SMS-R1, contact Gillian Mearns at or on +27 (0)11 624 8000. Alternatively, visit to learn more.