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30 Sep 2020

Making great results even better

As a specialist PSP, you’ve already mastered the art of creating incredible labels and packaging that do the job and keep your clients happy. But your competitors are in the same place, so how are you going to gain a competitive edge and ensure that your business thrives?

At Kemtek, we’re proud to be associated with principals that include the world’s leading suppliers of label and technology finishing technology, including such industry-renowned names as ABG, Karlville, Petratto, Scodix and H+H.

That’s a reflection of our ceaseless international search for the most innovative, value-added solutions – why have clients who are merely happy, when you can delight them?

Make consumers sit up and take notice

Packaging and labels are often the brand touchpoints that consumers most directly engage with. Unlike adverts, they will likely be seen multiple times, and in environments where people may be more receptive to messaging (i.e. in consumers’ homes, as well as in busy retail spaces).

That means that in the first instance, labels and packaging represent a unique opportunity to communicate meaningfully, and in the second, to capture consumer attention and motivate purchase decisions.

Label finishing

Label finishing involves both enhancing the visual appeal of printed labels, and preparing them for final use (through either rewinding or sheet cutting). Laminating represents a further opportunity to add value, as it can increase the lifespan of labels by protecting them from mechanical damage and environmental factors.

As with many other finishing processes, labels finishing can involve universal or selective treatments. These can include varnishing (which can both protect the printed surface from smudging or scuffing and improve the appearance of the printing).

Foil printing is a popular embellishment that has become associated in consumer’s minds with rarity and luxury – especially when gold and silver metallic foil colours are used. This illustrates how label finishing can affect consumer sentiment and help reinforce or augment brand positioning.

A less glamourous – but no less important – aspect of label finishing is separating labels from their liner, which is best achieved by die cutting.

Packaging finishing

Packaging finishing equally allows brands to improve the consumer experience of their products, either by making the products easier to use or unbox, or adding visual or tactile appeal that can justify a premium price or gain access to more profitable point of sale placings.

Many of the embellishments available for label finishing can also be applied in the packaging finishing process. Of course, packaging items are typically larger (and potentially more complex) than labels, which increases opportunities but also demands more sophisticated approaches.

Single-press solutions that deliver multiple embellishments can help you make optimum use of printshop real estate, as well as using combinations of applications on the same job.

Embossing can make packaging both visually more interesting, as well as more pleasing to the touch. As with foil applications, selective embossing calls attention to key product features, boosting the appeal to consumers.

Digital technology advances have made it possible to not only create many of these effects (such as selective spot varnish) without the set-up time or potential mess involved in achieving them using conventional printing methods.

This contributes to shorter turnaround times – a gold standard for today’s PSPs. Advances in packaging finishing also allow you to create superb effects on uncoated substrates with no loss of integrity, as well as use finishes that include glitter and even crystals.

Talk to us – we have the solutions you’re looking for

Our technical experts are always available to walk you through the latest solutions from our principals ABG, Karlville, Petratto, Scodix and H+H. To learn more about label and packaging finishing solutions, please contact Carl Zerle at, or by calling (+27) 083 632 3232.