HP Indigo Spot Master: Fastest Time-to-Colour on the Market


HP Indigo Spot Master: Fastest Time-to-Colour on the Market

Consistently excellent

Consistency is a key pillar of quality, and nowhere is that more immediately apparent and visible than when it comes to colour register. The human eye – whether it belongs to a customer or end user – has a remarkable ability to detect even the slightest variances in colour. Avoiding these variations is the job of HP Indigo Spot Master.

Introducing HP Indigo Spot Master

This advanced solution, based on a new, patented algorithm, saves time and eliminates errors through faster, more accurate colour matching when printing labels or packaging. Unlike traditional colour-matching processes, Spot Master achieves speed and accuracy through automation. Operating in conjunction with the Esko colour engine, Spot Master delivers the fastest available time-to-colour currently on the market.

The algorithm requires just two iterations to achieve an industry-leading AVG accuracy of ~0.6dE – and this process can be completed in less than two minutes.

It contributes to quality print outcomes through allowing you to achieve, consistently maintain, and share perfect colour matches. By bringing colour matching inline, significant efficiencies can be achieved.

Get the colour you want

Spot LAB values can be derived from either a physical example of a package or label, or from software files. Spot colours are then refined per job, with on-press approval and automatic DFE updates. The combination of visual spot separation and colour processing ensures an exact match in less time than ever before.

With Spot Master, colour refinement through visual matching now takes less than 3 minutes and involves less than 3 metres of substrate waste. This in turn saves costs and contributes to the overall sustainability of each job and your overall operation can be enhanced.

From first to last

Spot colour refinement becomes a constant, location-based process, while Continuous Color Calibration (CCC) enables inline spot calibration for spot and process colours. Whether you’re printing labels or packaging, every single item will be exactly the same – from the first item off the press to the very last one in the run.

This exceptional level of colour consistency will delight yoru customers, avoid wastage and save costly reprints. Of course, excellence is of no lasting value if it’s occasional – what is required is consistent excellence. This requirement underlines the importance of the continuous calibration aspect of Spot Colour.

Share results – and leverage them

Being able to print in the full confidence of obtaining exceptional results in less time is the holy grail of label and packaging printing. Thanks to HP Indigo Spot Master’s colour-matching solutions, the colours that are achieved can then be shared with other printing presses and teams through the generation of real-time colour scorecards. These not only flag any potential issues, but also enable you to replicate the results across multiple HP Indigo printing presses.

Equally, these job colour scorecards can be shared with clients to reassure them of your commitment to quality, as well as being used to improve overall colour quality and consistency.

Don’t stand still

HP Indigo Spot Master allows for a more dynamic approach to colour matching and print outcome quality. On-the-fly monitoring and real-time data mean that you can make immediate approvals, safe in the knowledge that your decision is backed by automatic matching and validation, as well as automated adjustments.

No matter how many labels or packages your production run comprises, you can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that colour variation across printed items is now a thing of the past.

For more information about HP Indigo Spot Master and other label and packaging printing solutions from Kemtek, contact Carl Zerle, Head of Digital Print Solutions on +27 (0)83 632 323, email him at carlz@kemtek.co.za or visit https://kemtek.co.za/product/hp-indigo-spot-master/

To watch HP Indigo Spot master in action, watch these short informative videos: