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13 Apr 2018

Brian Scott, President of Blooming Color, shares the company’s success story: how a mid-sized General Commercial Printing company captured new high-growth business opportunities, on-boarding a variety of new B2B customers fast and easily using HP Indigo PrintOS Site Flow.

During a print industry downturn in 2009 in which many printers were closing down, Brian and his colleagues began investigating how and why some of the remaining print shops were actually flourishing.

Discovering that the common denominator seemed to be HP Indigo digital presses, Brian visited Dscoop (a cooperative of HP Graphics Arts Users) that same year. The visit confirmed his view that his company’s future lay with the Indigo press and immediately on his return, Blooming Color purchased its first Indigo. It was at the time the single largest investment the young company had yet made. With hindsight, says Brian, it was also the smartest decision that they could have made.

Just as important as the purchase of the press was to prove, Dscoop was also the venue at which Blooming Color’s Vice President, Rosemarie Breske Garvey, was first introduced to HP Indigo PrintOS Site Flow.

With one of their new customers being a very large US food supplier, Blooming Color was tasked with running a vast menu programme for the company. The job entailed constantly changing artwork and very high print volumes, and also meant that the print shop had to scale up very rapidly. The VP reports that PrintOS Site Flow proved to be perfect for and equal to the enormous task, including as it does shipping integration.

Blooming Color also landed the WallPics photo tile business based purely on their insistence on HP Indigo print quality. Says Rosemarie: “They thought they were going to do 10 000 tiles a month, and now that’s hundreds of 1000s of tiles a month within about a 90-day timeframe. There’s no way we could’ve taken that programme globally without the help of PrintOS Site Flow.”

Indigo Site Flow has since enabled the print shop to greatly expand into new markets, in large part due to its scalability. It means that Blooming Color “can take a project and very, very quickly go to global proportions,” says Rosemarie. In fact, new clients can be fully on-boarded in less than 30 days.

In summing up, Brian Scott is clear that HP Indigo presses and Indigo PrintOS Site Flow “let us, the small to medium sized printer, act like the really big guys. There’s no doubt that HP saved our business.”

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HP Indigo PrintOS Site Flow Success Story_ Blooming Color