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28 Sep 2017

Kemtek is delighted to introduce the awesome HP Indigo 12 000 Digital Press to South Africa. Usually you have to wait for the future to happen, but in the case of digital printing, it’s already here.

Engineered for maximum flexibility and productivity, the HP Indigo 12 000 can handle almost any job you can conceive. Bring the biggest ideas to life thanks to major innovations in print quality, productivity, and colour-matching capabilities.

The outsized 29-inch format allows digital printing of any commercial job, regardless of the size or chosen substrate. We’re talking everything from a folder for your company profile to canvas masterpieces for your office wall. No job is too big – but nor is any detail too small.

Even the fiddliest of tasks are well within the capabilities of this world-leading digital press, including pocket folders, six-page brochures, posters, and large lay-flat books.

Investing in a HP Indigo 12 000 Digital Press from Kemtek Imaging Systems will boost your printing productivity to new levels. Print up to 3 450 sheets per hour (that’s almost one per second), or an incredible 4 600 every sixty minutes in Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM).

For the first time, a single digital printing press can generate some two million colour pages per month, while the 29-inch permits incredible efficiencies that lower the cost per copy, making this digital press much more viable than you might have imagined. Being able to impose more copies per sheet and the rapid-fire press speed means that the HP Indigo 12 000 far exceeds the productivity of any other sheet-fed digital press currently available.

HP Indigo presses are renowned for their print and colour quality, and the HP Indigo 12 000 takes this to the next level. Take a moment to examine the last sheet to come off your new digital press and admire the uniform gloss delivered by the thin ink layer and extended colour range functionality.

Matching Pantone colours precisely has long been a challenge for digital presses. Not any longer – vivid lifelike colours will bring everything you print to life and make your world more colourful. However experienced your eye, until now there has always the risk of missing a colour mismatch. The HP Indigo 12 000 does away with errors thanks to its Quality Automation Suite – your guarantee of consistency, sheet by sheet and run by run.

The integrated Vision System takes the uncertainty out of print quality control – automatic calibrations and diagnostics will obviate the need for re-runs, saving time and money and enhancing your reputation for getting every job right first time, every time and on time.

This latest HP digital press from Kemtek reduces the human workload still further with increased automation. When you need to instruct it, you’ll soon get the hang of its intuitive software interface and you’ll enjoy the time you save by taking advantage of its ability to automatically replace its own consumables. One day, all digital presses will work like this, but for now there is only one: the HP Indigo 12 000.

Despite being so advanced, it’s far from delicate. Its robust paper-handling system can go for ream after ream without even a hint of a misfeed or jam while its high capacity ink cartridges add to the overall value proposition.

If you want to print bigger, brighter, faster and do away with the need to stand over your printer, then you need the HP Indigo 12 000. Power to the purple.