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12 Sep 2019

The ideal cutting machine for business or leisure

The Brother ScanNCut has long been a favourite of hobbyists for its elegant simplicity and innovative features. The built-in scanner meant that crafters could scan virtually anything and then cut it out for use in their own creations.

By making the ScanNCut SDX1200 more robust and incorporating even more functionality, Brother has created the ultimate electronic cutting machine for home or hobby use – and ensured that it can be integrated with ease into small business operations, too.

Ready for work

To optimise the usefulness of the ScanNCut SDX1200 for small businesses, Brother has made this machine more versatile and flexible. The powerful 600dpi scanner expands the envelope of what can be scanned, while the Auto Blade feature lets you cut material up to 3mm thick without having to change the blade.

While crafters may only need to create a small number of each design, as a small business owner you may well need many more copies than that. The optional roll feeder removes the need to stand over your electronic cutting machine and feed in media sheets.

Professional-quality results are assured by the more precise cutting technology, while this new model is both faster and quieter for minimum workplace disruption.

Preloaded for success

The Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 can save you having to devote creative time and energy to more basic designs, thanks to its built-in library of 17 fonts and over 1 300 designs. You can save time by designing directly on the 12.7cm touchscreen – the ScanNCut SDX1200 is quite capable of operating a standalone device.

Connected creativity

Perhaps its greatest advantage in small business settings, however, is the ease with which it can be integrated into your SME IT architecture. In the same way that designs made on the ScanNCut SDX1200 will ‘talk’ to your customers, this electronic cutting machine can also talk to your other devices.

As an example, you can create designs on your laptop and transfer them directly to the ScanNCut SDX1200 using a USB flash drive. For even greater convenience, the free online CanvasWorkspace app lets you send your designs wirelessly by WLAN – no cables required.

You can also send data out from the ScanNCut SDX1200. Using the optional 24” scanning mat, even larger images can be scanned and saved as JPEG files, directly to a USB. And all at high-resolution 600dpi quality.

Cost savings can be achieved by using the background scan function, which precisely recreates or continues your design on leftover or awkwardly shaped pieces of material. You’ll waste less time, money and media with the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200.

Take me home

In addition to its enhanced functionality, the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 also offers an incredible array of options to crafters and hobbyists. The blade sensor technology and Auto Blade feature give you the confidence to work with new materials. Whatever medium you’re working in, the ScanNCut SDX1200 will sense precisely how deep to cut, and how much pressure to apply. Quilters especially will enjoy the enhanced fabric-cutting abilities of the new version of this popular electronic cutting machine.

Whether at home or at work, time is always of the essence. The built-in patterns saved in the memory of the ScanNCut SDX1200 contain designs suitable for every occasion, from creating the perfect gift to customising corporate gifts and in-person communications.

Make your creativity pay

The enhanced productivity, versatility and connectivity of the Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 make it the ideal crossover device. It can support small business operations and help crafters generate new revenue streams through its ability to do more work, of a higher quality, in less time than ever before. Whether at home or in the office – or both – this electronic cutting machine is the business.

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