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15 Dec 2018

It’s well known that label makers can make a radical difference to office organisation – from stationery cupboards to filing. Legible, durable labels mean that crucial documents, cables and assets can be identified at a glance – the only limit to the organisational potential of labels is your imagination.

Label makers – such as the latest Brother models supplied by Kemtek – are just as useful at home as they are at work. With the festive season approaching, give yours the chance to show what it can do to make your life easier – and bring happiness to your friends and family.

Get organised for the holidays

If you’re the person in your family who’s traditionally tasked with sorting out all the gifts, then you know just how important it is to get organised. With time already running out and seasonal decorations and music appearing in the malls, you could be forgiven for already feeling under pressure.

While your Brother label maker can’t help you choose the perfect presents, it can make your preparations much easier. If you have decorations that spend most of the time packed in boxes before being displayed for a few weeks in December, you probably end up spending a frustrating hour or two looking for them each year.

By labelling your boxes of decorations: stars, tinsel, candles and so forth, you can make finding them a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, you can also label all your special ingredients and edible decorations, making producing family feasts that much easier, too.

If you have kids helping you decorate your home, they may have their favourite decorations – avoid your little angels getting upset by labelling each item with the name of its owner. Label makers are the perfect option when it comes to discreet yet noticeable labels – no more trying to decipher someone else’s handwriting, or disputes over whose star is whose.

Being organised is a gift

Probably the most important items you will need to differentiate during the holidays are the gifts. If, like most people, you end up wrapping most of them in the same design of wrapping paper, you’ll want to make sure that each person gets the correct presents to avoid disappointment or confusion (your teenage son won’t thank you for socks, while grandparents may not know what to do with the latest video games).

If you’re concerned that printed labels may lack the festive charm of all the Santa and snowmen labels that you’ve used in the past, then you’ll be delighted to know that Brother P-Touch label makers can also generate cute seasonal icons, making your labels suitably cheerful.

With the ability to review labels before printing, and the availability of Brother M Tapes in a wide variety of colours, you can really go to town and absolutely “sleigh” your gift labelling, without having to try and persuade ribbons to form loops.

It’s time to get creative

If you find that you have so much to do in the run-up to the holidays that you’re a little lacking in inspiration, then Brother label makers can come to your rescue, given that they feature 3 different fonts, 14 frames, and over 250 symbols (including all the ones you need for this time of year). One-touch keys and QWERTY keyboards mean you can create labels and access design features with ease.

For longer labels, with more personal messages, you can create two lines of text per anyone is lucky enough to be getting more than one gift, you can store multiple labels in the device memory to save you typing them in again.

Brother label makers deliver outstanding performance using widely available AAA batteries (and we all know how important batteries are on the morning of December 25th!) or the supplied AC adaptor. By the time it comes to unwrapping those gifts, the work of label makers will be long done, so in an emergency you can even remove the batteries to power that new remote-control car or robot. One last way in which label makers can prevent kids getting restive when they should be feeling festive.

For information on how label makers can make your holidays more relaxing, contact Kemtek to learn about our labelling solutions.

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