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11 Dec 2017

As we know, the printing industry is forever changing and we are now entering the phase of processless plates. Now in full production, they’re becoming the new norm. Previous versions of these plates have been working well, and now, with FUJIFILM PRO-T 4/ Superior ZD, Kemtek can offer the longest run length processless plate on the market (150 000m, plus compatible with UV inks at a 50 000 run length). These plates can be used as your total plate solution or used in conjunction with your existing thermal system by slotting them in for short runs by imaging files on to the plate and direct to the press. Once the Fuji plate is loaded on the plate cylinder, on start up the press will quickly remove the plate emulsion on the non-image area of the plate. This emulsion is softened by the press fount and then removed by the ink contact, transferring the emulsion direct to the paper in the first 10 – 20 sheets off the press. This is done seamlessly, without any contamination of the fount chemistry on press. This of course will provide a water saving (15-20 litres/plate) and immediate plate to press with 8-15 sheets clean-up, and no contamination of the press chemistry.