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17 Mar 2019

Creative uses of technology
Far from being a threat to creativity, technology is increasingly offering new opportunities to creative professionals to capture and share their ideas. This is especially true in creative industries which involve a great deal of scientific and engineering expertise, such as architecture and construction.

Every building – no matter how ground-breaking – begins life as an architectural blueprint. In the same way, being able to produce precise technical drawings is still a vital skill for engineers.
Epson T-Series digital printers are perfectly at home in spaces where science and art meet and have been designed to match and exceed the requirements of creative professionals.

Quality output at high speeds
Wide format printers – as their name suggests – allow for printing on much larger sheets of substrate and bring the necessary scope and scale to even the most detailed of images. They have been engineered to manage very dense graphical data, including CAD and GIS outputs.
Their combination of rapid image processing and high print speeds means that even the most complex print job can be completed ahead of schedule. After all, creativity may be free-flowing and expressive, but in professional environments, it still has to conform to deadlines.

Epson T-Series digital presses excel at printing architectural blueprints, large technical drawings and GIS maps. They are available in a range of sizes, from 24 to 44 inches in print width. Their output is distinguished by exceptional clarity and quality, and yet their print speed can keep up with even the most demanding environments.

Innovation to power your inspiration
The key to this combination of quality, speed and reliability is the innovative technology at the heart of every Epson T-Series digital press. Each unit is fitted with Epson’s PrecisionCore TFP printheads – designed to be permanent, they do not need replacing for the entire service life of the press.

In combination with Epson’s UltraChrome XD inks, these printheads not only perfectly reproduce the vibrancy of your artwork and designs, but also add a useful degree of resilience. Understanding that blueprints and technical drawings may well be required on-site, the output of the Epson T-Series digital presses is highly smudge- and water-resistant. Regardless of the paper type you use, you get archival quality output – crucial when you may need to refer to drawings and designs many times over the life of a project.
Factor in the precision ink drop control enables a true 720 dpi per colour channel and you have designs, drawings and maps that speak for themselves – and allow you to demonstrate the full range of your creativity.

Integrating technology into your business
Seamless connectivity via built-in Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, and Wireless makes Epson T-Series wide format printers easy to integrate into your workspace. Compatibility with mobile devices – in addition to each digital printer’s output capabilities – saves yet more time and adds to the efficiency of your workflow.

Larger Epson T-Series digital printers feature double paper roll functionality that introduces an important value element to the equation, saving you not just additional time, but money as well.

A clear advantage
In creative industries, impressions count. With an Epson T-Series printer at the heart of your studio, you can not only reproduce your ideas and designs with startling clarity and vibrancy, but also on time and on budget.
From concept to finished product, the speed and quality of the output of every digital printer in the Epson T-Series – plus their ability to handle larger format substrate sheets – will enable and empower your creativity and show it in its best light whether in the studio, on the factory floor, or on the construction site.

For more information on Epson T-Series wide format printers, visit our website or contact Kemtek to speak to one of our print solutions experts.