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27 Mar 2019

Go big when you go out of home
Epson S-Series solvent signage printers have been engineered to excel in three key areas: productivity, reliability and image quality. In this blog, we’ll look at how they achieve next-level performance in and put the ‘solve’ in solvent signage printing.
Signage printers are all about scale and creating the signage and display graphics that your customers will use to really stand out from their competition. At up to 64 inches wide, any errors or poor colour register are hard to hide – and that’s not why you want your signage output to be noticed.

Supporting your business goals
Epson S-Series signage printers offer significant advantages to signage companies, in terms of turnaround time (because these days, everything is urgent), but also total cost-of-ownership. Epson’s innovative engineering ensures that each S-Series printer can spend more time printing (and making you money) and less time being maintained or serviced.

To further increase the inter-service intervals of your signage printer, Epson and Kemtek offer exceptional service and support, with a standard two-year warranty plus extension options.

If they need it, you can print it
Flexibility is another hallmark of the Epson S-Series – these solvent signage printers do more than you might expect, with the proven ability to print on a variety of media including clear film, vinyl, canvas and photographic paper. That means that you can meet your customers’ needs in terms of adhesive vinyl, banners, canvas, stickers and labels – not to mention backlit media and even packaging proofs.

Do more in the same time
Epson S-Series signage printers have been constructed to offer you enhanced productivity at every level. The commercial grade stand and substrate support system ensure perfect substrate alignment and variance-free feeding of media into the printer. In an era where many devices are becoming lighter and flimsier, Epson has deliberately made the S-Series units heavier and more robust.

The redesigned platen and more accurate take-up mean more precise and accurate printing – and crucially, fewer reprints due to poor register. Getting every job right first time means you can achieve more each day – the definition of productivity.
And with output speeds of up to 550 square feet per hour (51m2/hr) in banner production mode, you can simply get more done in the same time when you upgrade to an Epson S-Series.

Reliability you can set your watch by
A printer that’s not printing is like an aircraft on the ground – it’s not generating revenue. With Epson’s automated printhead maintenance and ink mist collection system, manual maintenance is reduced, and uptime increased.
Epson S-Series roll-to-roll signage printers also feature a unique fabric wiper system which further reduces your maintenance burden, while the air filtration system removes environmental contaminants and lengthens the life of every component.

Immaculate image quality
Of course, the ultimate measure of the success of any printer is the image quality it produces. Here again, the Epson S-Series excels. With the latest generation PrecisionCore TFP printhead and UltraChrome GS3 inks, Epson’s variable dropper technology permits high quality without compromising print speeds.

That means unprecedented output quality for your customers, in up to nine different colours (including a unique and eye-catching shade of red). White and metallic inks can also be used to create additional effects – and extra visual impact.

Beat the deadline, every time
We mentioned turnaround times earlier, but what does that mean in practical terms? Previous-generation signage inks had significant drying times, which imposed limitations on how soon signage companies could deliver on their promises.
With Epson’s UltraChrome GS3 inks, you get extremely fast drying times, which means that same-day laminating is now no longer merely a dream. With your Epson S-Series solvent signage printer, you can now print, laminate and deliver the same day. That’s thanks to a reduction in off-gas times (previously a weakness with solvent printing) of up to 75%.

To learn more about how Epson S-Series signage printers tick all three of the most important boxes – productivity, reliability and image quality – contact Kemtek today to talk to one of our print solutions experts or visit our website.