Offset quality meets digital printing flexibility

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Offset quality meets digital printing flexibility

A digital printing press that can run and run

The HP Indigo 100K marks the point at which the qualitative differences between offset printing and digital printing presses have become vanishingly small. That means that we can now focus on the business case for the HP Indigo 100K and look at how it can make your printshop more efficient and more profitable.

Integrating this digital press into your existing offset operations allows you to access significantly more revenue-generating opportunities, and meet ever-more exacting demands from your customers.

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The HP Indigo 100K – a more profitable way to print.

High-volume, short to medium runs

The extensive automation built into the HP Indigo 100K adds to its potential profitability – profitability that’s driven by its ability to deliver large volumes of short run jobs. Switching seamlessly between multiple jobs each day with minimal or zero downtime means that your press can be making you money continuously.

Customers increasingly expect very tight turnaround times, with no reduction in quality. Being able to meet or exceed their expectations lets you unlock previously inaccessible revenue streams.

The HP Indigo 100K delivers the highest digital B2 sheet throughput in the market, bringing non-stop production within reach for minimal downtime and optimum earnings.

Integrating the HP 100K

If you already have offset presses, the HP Indigo 100K is the perfect way to complement them and round out your service offering portfolio. Its certified printing rate of 6 000 sheets per hour is achieved through innovations including the multi-input source feeder and automated delivery unit. Quality is assured by continuous colour calibration for exceptional consistency and accurate colour registration with no variation between sheets.

The HP Indigo 100K delivers unprecedented levels of productivity thanks to its reliability, which is backed by AI-enabled diagnostic and predictive troubleshooting. This lets you identify and address potential issues before they can derail or slow production.

Every aspect of printing on the HP Indigo 100K can be run continuously, from feeding to calibrating to stacking. All while your new digital printing press is running… and running… and running. You can now achieve output of over 2 million B2 sheets per month – not on long runs, but on multiple short run jobs every day.

Why stop?

Short runs are facilitated by multiple features of the HP Indigo 100K. Best of all – when it comes to short run task management – the automated switchover process empowers non-stop feeding from the 5-source feeder for negligible transition times between jobs – even if they involve the use of different media or substrates. Switchover time reduction is a key driver of productivity and profitability; with the HP Indigo 100K, it’s not something you’ll ever have to think about again. Spontaneity has never been so profitable!

The feeder links to the new input system that ensures that every sheet entering the digital printing press is perfectly aligned for quality printing. By eliminating misalignment in this way, both output quality and productivity are boosted.

The HP Indigo 100K may be a digital printing press, but it has offset heritage in its DNA. That’s evident in its gripper-to-gripper paper feed, which provides for certain handling of even very light media, as well as sheet-to-sheet registration for continuous image quality.

Output management

By automating the paper unloading functions, HP Indigo have further enhanced the productivity potential of this printing press. Now there’s no need to stop printing while you unload the printed stacking, thanks to continuous stacking and auto pallet replacement.

Committed to non-stop production, the HP Indigo 100K is the digital printing press that combines offset quality with large-volume B2 digital production – plus the short-run flexibility you need to stay competitive in today’s market.

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