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News . 3D Printing

10 Apr 2017

EnvisionTEC is one of the leading 3D printers and material distributors.

Sales of their dental 3D printers grew 75% in 2016 — with no signs of slowing.

The new Vida cDLM is actually 5-10 times faster than prior DLP technology which makes it the world’s fastest dental 3D printer (for the moment).

The printer also offers an array of other key benefits which allow accurate, high-speed 3D printing with fewer supports, making it easier to clean up after each print.

“EnvisionTEC is proud to partner with leading dental professionals around the world on the development of new 3D printers and materials that are transforming the way custom dental parts are made,” said CEO Al Siblani. “We are excited to bring the Vida cDLM to the dental industry. Our expanding dental 3D printer line is now unrivaled for productivity, accuracy and flexibility of materials.”

3D printing technology does enable patients, dentists, orthodontists and dental labs to take greater control in many ways, should they want to.

The original Vida 3D printer, launched in 2015, has helped drive EnvisionTEC’s global machine sales up 29% from 2015 into 2016.

introducing-vida-cdlm-envisiontec-latest-resin-3d-printer-dental-market-1Indeed, it’s an exciting time in dental 3D printing.

But it’s also one that raises important questions for the future of the $4-plus billion market for dental prosthetics, orthodontic appliances, and other dental parts. In the midst of a technology disruption, it’s difficult to see the entire impact and how it will all shake out.

The American Association of Orthodontists has even issued a statement against DIY orthodontics that mentions 3D printing.

But even within dentistry, 3D technology is making it easier for dentists to do work that was once performed by orthodontists and other specialists.

For dental labs, the impact has been dramatic. 3D printing technology is turning around dental practices across the world.