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05 Nov 2018

Drop whatever you’re doing and check our range of drop-able phones.

As part of our range of Auto ID products, Kemtek supplies some of the toughest rugged phones and computers on the market. To many people, rugged has nothing to do with good looks, and you may have seen devices that look like a throwback to the dawn of the smartphone: bulkier, heavier and with less functionality.

The good news is that all that has changed. Today’s survivable devices are almost as smart as their regular smartphone counterparts, and they can take a lot more punishment. All of which is great news if you work in an industry with more than its fair share of physical risks (like construction) or you regularly have to use your phone in potentially hazardous environments like warehouses.

There are few experiences more shattering than dropping your new iPhone or Android onto a concrete floor. That said, there has been some convergence between heavy duty rugged phones and standard smartphones. Many “normal” smartphones are now dust- and waterproof, while their tougher cousins are combining mind with muscle as they get smarter.

If you’re looking for a phone or mobile computer that’s as tough as you are, here’s our guide to our top-selling products.

CipherLab RS31 Series

The RS30 Series was renowned as one of the most flexible mobile computers available, but the CipherLab RS31 Series of rugged mobile computers takes this a step further. In fact, as these next-generation devices are designed to meet the needs of your team members in the field, they can be taken a lot further than that.

The RS31 Series run on the Android 7.0 operating system, meaning that they can deliver powerful performance as well as withstanding powerful knocks. Speaking of which, this is a stronger, more durable mobile computer than its predecessor. It has an IP67 protection rating, and can handle being dropped from 1.2m (roughly waist height). If you have a particularly careless or unlucky co-worker, consider equipping them with an RS31 Series as they can cope with being dropped multiple times.

With enhanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability, an 8MP camera and a laser barcode scanner, the RS31 Series solves all your data capture and connectivity needs. You can even use its touchscreen with your gloves on, which could help you warm to this device.

CipherLab RS50 Series

When you can’t afford to compromise between survivability and functionality, consider the CipherLab RS50 Series of rugged phones – the comfort of familiar smartphone-like functionality, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your mobile device can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Think of the RS50 Series as a tougher version of a smartphone, and you won’t go far wrong. It was designed with logistics, transportation and warehousing in mind, and is equally at home indoors or out.

When you have to leave the office, take your office with you on the road (or off it) with the CipherLab RS50 Series. It’s a complete solution to data sharing, capture and retrieval, thanks to its combination of connectivity and data capture features, including always-on links and real-time data transmission.

While it may operate just like your smartphone, the RS50 Series offers so much more in terms of mobility, ruggedness, and power efficiency. When you’re heading into the field, make sure you take a mobile computer that’s been field-tested.

Seuic Auto ID9

The Seuic Auto ID9 rugged phone is the very definition of rugged. Fortunately, the manufacturers have already tested it to destruction (so you don’t have to). But take it from us, this is one tough cookie. This fingerprint smartphone meets the industry-standard IP67 sealing rating. It is able to shrug off multiple 1.5m drops onto concrete floors, and it can take the heat as well as the cold.

Seuic even guarantee that the Auto ID9 can handle being dropped from 0.5m up to 1 000 times. Now, we wouldn’t dare to suggest that you’d ever be that clumsy, but still, it’s good to know that this rugged phone doesn’t need any TLC.

As long as you keep hold of it, you can take advantage of its optical fingerprint scanning and RFID reader. Whether your hands are wet and cold, or nice and warm inside gloves, you’ll still be able to interact with its 4” touchscreen display.

In fact, with sufficient battery power to work continuously for 12 hours, or remain in standby mode for up to three weeks, the Auto ID9 will be able to keep going even when you don’t want to.

Snopow M9 LTE

The Snopow M9 LTE rugged phone has earned its stripe in tough environments across South Africa and beyond. When you need to walk the talk in the field, it’s walkie-talkie function lets you communicate even when you’re far from the nearest cellphone tower.

The M9 LTE has proven its ability to soldier on for up to four hours of talk time, or on standby for up to 200 hours – that’s more than 8 days. It’s popular with military users and security guards, and anyone else who needs a rugged phone they can rely on in any circumstances.

With a waterproof rating of IP68, many fishermen report that they’d be all at sea without the M9 LTE, while its use by conservation workers proves that this rugged phone is about saving more than just battery power.

The Snopow M9 LTE is made from high-quality, shock-proof plastic, and it certainly looks the part – even after you’ve dropped it. Again.