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08 May 2018

Dscoop Austria is an opportunity to network and enjoy Vienna.

Dscoop Austria

Kemtek will be attending Dscoop Austria in Vienna, Austria from 13-15 June 2018 and we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at this printing event. Dscoop is a unique opportunity to connect in a very real way with a digital print and design community with over 8 000 members worldwide.

If you’re looking for opportunities to collaborate, innovate and be inspired, then you need to be in Austria in June. And while you’re there, as well as seeing printing unleashed, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a European city that effortlessly blends innovation and history.

Welcome to Vienna

Vienna has at least 1 000 years of history, and this can be seen in its grand, imposing buildings. Strategically located on the River Danube, and at the crossroads of eastern and wester Europe, it has been the scene of major battles between empires, but also has deep cultural roots. It’s strongly associated with both Mozart and Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis.

Vienna Austria

The capital of Austria, Vienna is regarded as one of the most liveable cities in the world (on a par with Vancouver and San Francisco) and it certainly merits delaying your return flight for a couple of days! Here’s our guide to what not to miss in Vienna – after you’ve made the most of the networking opportunities at Dscoop.

Reasons to Extend your Stay in Vienna

Vienna is a very walkable city, and there is some impressive imperial architecture to look at as you stroll around. Highlights include the Schönbrunn Palace, previously the summer residence of the Habsburg emperors, and the twin Belvedere Palaces with their fabulous art collection.

Schönbrunn Palace Austria

Austria is a very musical city, and whether you prefer classical music or jazz, you’ll find plenty to delight your ears. The imposing Vienna State Opera puts on regular performances, while the city has a thriving jazz scene – try the Porgy & Bess or Jazzland clubs if you’re a fan of cool yet heartfelt improvisation.

Vienna is also a wonderful place to shop, even though you’ll be too early for its famous Christmas markets. It might be tactful to buy souvenirs for your colleagues who aren’t attending Dscoop, so they don’t think you’ve completely forgotten them!

The weekly flea market at the Naschmarkt is probably the best place to find unique gifts, but you’ll need to be there early on the Saturday morning to snap up the best bargains. The rest of the week, the Naschmarkt specialises in food, which brings us to another great reason to linger in Vienna.

In the Best Possible Taste

Vienna has some serious treats in store if you’re a foodie. The most famous of all is Sachertorte, a chocolate sponge cake with apricot jam filling. It’s so important that the recipe has been the subject of legal battles, and there is even a day dedicated to it in the calendar.

Apple Strudel

Sachertorte is best enjoyed with unsweetened whipped cream, and a cup of coffee. The Viennese don’t just like their coffee – they love it. It’s hard to go more than a few paces in any direction without encountering a coffee shop, and you’ll be buzzing the whole time you’re there.

You should also try apple strudel, and Danish pastries – which, despite the name, are originally from Austria. The best-known savoury dish is the Wiener schnitzel, a thin veal cutlet in breadcrumbs.


You’ll probably hear this Austrian greeting a lot during your time in Vienna. As well as all the compelling reasons to attend Dscoop Austria and grow your design or printing business, we hope this blog will also give you just the excuse you need to extend your stay in Vienna and make the most of the fabulous hospitality, great sounds, and wonderful flavours of the city.