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16 Nov 2017

When is a label not a label?

When the letters or numbers have faded, and can no longer be read – or when the label has fallen off. Fortunately, missing or illegible labels are now a thing of the past, thanks to Brother TZe Tapes. These durable, laminated tapes for Brother labelling machines are suitable for a very wide range of applications – especially where the information on the label needs to stay put and remain visible for years to come.

The contents of your lunchbox are no longer the only sandwiches in the office – brother TZe tapes are made up of seven thin layers of material, bonded together to make them virtually indestructible. Unlike many other labelling systems, P-touch labelling machines print on the underside of the laminate, sandwiching text between two layers of film and protecting letters and numbers from the elements to ensure that they will last almost indefinitely.

Before we started stocking brother TZe tapes, we wanted to know if they really were as tough as they’re claimed to be. We contacted brother and they told us about the incredible range of tests that they put their TZe tapes through.

Despite being subject to abrasion, chemical spills, direct sunlight and temperature extremes (hot and cold), labels printed on TZe tapes remained legible and affixed, bringing new truth to the old saying that it’s hard to shake off a label.

What does this mean for your business?

TZe tapes offer a flexible, secure, long-term way of labelling assets and property that won’t fade or peel off. This can be particularly important in applications where important information may only be accessed months or years after it was first put in place – such as electrical installations.

Maintenance is much easier when you can still clearly read the information left by a previous contractor, and don’t have to guess how they set up a wiring or plumbing system. UV resistance means that labels used outdoors won’t fade, so even if the person who placed them there is no longer with your company, you’ll still clearly be able to see the information they wanted to convey.

In the home or office, you now have labels that can easily survive the freezer or the microwave, so you can defrost with confidence and never have the disconcerting experience of taking a mouthful of chicken pie and ice cream.

For maximum flexibility, brother P-touch TZe tapes come in a variety of colours (including fluorescent hues for enhanced visibility) and widths from 3.5mm up to 36mm.

Using TZe tapes with the brother PT D210 portable labelling machine gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your label will stay in place and remain easy to read, along with the flexibility and ease of use provided by the QWERTY keyboard and one-touch formatting keys. With 27 useful templates, 14 fonts, 10 styles, 97 frames, and more than 600 symbols, you’ll always be able to express yourself precisely.

Whether your labels have to cope with global warming or a cooling economy, sunlight that’s direct or years of neglect, printing them on brother TZe tapes means that they’ll always be there for you.

Contact Kemtek today to enquire about brother P-touch TZe laminated tapes.